Ppm 350 after RO system

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  1. So running off well water goes through a RO system and the ppm is still 350 just wondering if that’s to high for flushing ? When the time comes.

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  2. I would say your fine, I’ve flushed with higher since I have pretty crappy city supply.

    Nice looking plant btw.
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  3. A final rinse with some water from a Walmart vending machine was done by a buddy

    so he can sleep well ...lol

    .25c per gallon...?
  4. My RO water is 38 PPM
    Sure you don't have a filter issue ?

    I sure many of you will say this is no dig deal but every horticulture book on how to grow cannabis say your PPM's shouldn't exceed 50
  5. What’s your well water ppm before the RO filter? Definitely seems like a filter issue.
  6. over 500 ppm
  7. Definitely a filter problem got it down to 17 ppm
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