ppl in omaha?

Discussion in 'General' started by 402~Matt~420, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. i guess the title says it all huh
  2. yea im from the big O
  3. 2 ppl dats all

    68104 benson
  4. haha yep right up the street 72 maple
  5. so u live rite down the street from me 66th nd maple, its a small world
  6. hhaa thats crazy

    you been on with any thing good?
  7. i had sum blueberry bout a week ago but i havent been getting anything but good mids lately. not to mention that ive been broke so smoking anything like that is out the question for now but im savin up nd tryin for a job that doesnt drug test. email me:smoking:
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    hey just moved here. 68108 for me
  9. I be holding it down for Omaha!:smoke:
  10. I'm new to the 68046 area and don't know many people around here yet :rolleyes:

  11. you should hit up Valentino's grand buffet if your in that area :p
  12. i was just their for the college world series
  13. Yeah, reppin 68124
  14. Midtown - Dundee-Country Club 68132
  15. I just moved to Omaha and I don’t know anybody

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