Powers Of The Nsa (Old)

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  1. Fast forward to 36 minutes if you just want to watch the wiretapping part

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    Sweet. The author of that article states in his book that the grandeur of what the NSA has created is on par with the effort to create the nuclear bomb. Nothing else compares to it. Epic and massive on a scale most cant comprehend. 
    The key to it all is how it works. When you think of someone say looking at your phone records most low information or any average person thinks say there looking at information like what is presented on your bill. Its much much more then that. You type in the name of the person and you pop on there screen. Literally a duplicate of everything you electronically pops up. Every conversation you have made, every text, ever app, say at 640pm last night you used BofA app on  your phone it shows that etc. The NSA literally has duplicated the entirety of the internet in real time to there server farms. I pull up XYZ and in a web browser it shows you gmail and you logging in and all of your emails. Facebook is a replica etc etc. 
    Facebooks Timeline actually gave them the idea for this insanely. The point of it is when XYZ does something then everyone your linked to shows up. Then the thinking is that everyone your linked to they have everything as well. In a few hours they can see your entire digital life. 
    The program is quite far reaching as NSA predicts regardless of where you live every human in the next 10 years will have a digital presence and they intend to capture that data. Even poor 3rd world Africans will all eventually have some sort of digital fingerprint. 

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