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Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by crunchtime13, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. any other powerlifters out there?? i just got back into it as of right now my best lifts are 225 squat 135 bench and a 315 deadlift at 140lbs
  2. i dont powerlift specifically.

    but last time i checked


  3. I don't know my max's right now, but I recently did 70 diamond pushups in a row.
  4. bench - 205
    squat - 365
    power clean - 165
    i forgot my deadlift, i dont do em as much anymore
    im 5'8 155lbs
  5. 135 bench, come on now ;)
  6. lol, nice try firewall. 350 pound squat and 130 pound bench? Google image search "parallel squat". At the bottom of the lift your thighs should be at a 90* angle to your calves.

    I'm not a powerlifter but

    Bench: 225
    Squat: 305
    Deadlift: 350

    At 165 pounds.
  7. yeah i know i know man. im built to deadlift, long arms n shit, not so much benchin but its gettin better
  8. Bra, I'm not hating just do what you do. I reccomend monster mass, protein and creatine!
  9. I have longs arms to, have you tried incline bench? I find it better for us long arm folks.
  10. Wtf, how are you guys deadlifts so high? and bench so low?

    I'm 140lbs

    Squat - Idk
    Bench - 180lbs
    Deadlift - Never went over 150lbs but I usually do that in sets of 5 with 10-15 reps and 1 minute breaks
  11. we had a weightlifting program in middle school. it was basically the same thing as our high school weights program but not as intense.

    in 7th grade my max on bench was 70
    in 8th grade it was 130 (135 on decline, 120 on incline).

    quite an improvement eh? i was a butterball in 7th grade and i guess puberty struck in 8th, lol. i didn't lift weights in high school because i was taking other classes, and the sports i played (soccer/track) didn't require any weightlifting (even though i think they should've...).

    i'm 21 now and i've been going to the gym recently. i don't know any of my max's because i don't have a spotter. but hopefully i'm getting stronger! i can feel it already just after a couple of weeks.
  12. fasho i hear ya i didnt take it as you were hatin
    yeah inclines will really help your bench. if you do like 5-6 weeks strictly incline your flat bench will go up 10-20lbs probably more easy
  13. i used to be into powerliftin. when im on that regime lots of weight low reps. usually 8 reps is the most per set. As of right now, im getting lean. I do nothing less than 12 nice full reps. as for my powerliftin numbers, not too high, 225 max on bench, prolly around 300-325 squat, and everything else im not too huge on maxing out on. 300 squats i do about 4-6 times. peace bro.
  14. I've never tried any single rep max. Squat - 250 for 5, Bench - 205 for 5, Deadlift - 330 for 8. I'm 5'10" 185 lbs.
  15. You bench more than you deadlift? Dude start deadlifting now. now. now.
  16. I have mixed power lifting routines into my schedule many times.

    My favorite would have been the Westside Barbell routine.

    My current lifts are:

    Bench: 350

    Squat: 450

    Deadlift: 500

    5'10 200 lbs

    I'm pretty surprised and glad to see many peoples squat/deadlift numbers higher than their bench......we don't need more bench jockeys in the world haha.
  17. Check it


    5'7 165lbs
  18. wait, so you do 5 sets of deadlifts, 10-15 reps per set, or did I misunderstand?
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    A few years back when i was actually in good shape still playing football

    6'3 265

    bench- 275 (never my strong point, always struggled with it because i never did it)
    squat- 465 (bench squat) i like to pause at the bottom. I found it harder
    clean- 290ish
    deadlift-something like 500
    leg press- over 1000

    I stopped doing the dead-lift because i had back problems and never did it correctly so i didn't want to risk it. Stupid lift anyways..

    I used to love doing rows with dumbells..

    I'm at like 325 now, but i can still move and run.Everyone things im like 250-260. Just joined a gym. Hopefully get down to 265 270 and then imma join the Navy.. be a combat medic. we will see how it goes though

    What you should do is make sure you get the lift down. Bench is easy, keep your feet on the ground.

    Squat if you can't keep your back straight your just going to hurt yourself. Push through your hips like your fucking a girl

    Cleans same thing explode with your hips like your banging a girl. A good way to learn is to jump a little bit

    Deadlift is stupid.. I like the reverse grip though

    Snatchs are awesome too. Almost same lift as a clean except its over your head but same body motion.

    So you know.. The big numbers don't make you the best athlete.. Some of the people who put up massive numbers can't run a lap.. Keep it all in check with each other..

    I like to do circuit traning. I mostly use barbells quick switch from one exercise to another with no rest. Rest when youve done a set of each exercise. Gets the heart pumping

  20. why because you cant do it right? its the only full bodylift out there and a true test of strength. remember the meet dont start till the bar hits the floor

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