Powerful airpump WITHOUT the heat?

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good, powerful airpump that can run 6-10 12" airstones without generating a ton of heat?

    I have one of those "commercial" pumps now with a 3/8 output and 8 hose manifold and my water temps in my 5 gallon systems are 87 degrees in a 75 degree room! That's just from having the hot air of the pump pumped into their water.

    I am at a loss and not sure what to do. :(
  2. Wow...87 degrees and your plants aren't baked...? How is that :confused:
  3. I find it odd that air would raise the temp that much but try this. Run the lines through a tub of ice before the buckets.

  4. They ARE baking. That's the problem! lol

    Don't have any money plants in right now, but I cannot keep basic stuff alive in my DWC bubblers or in my aeroponic cloner because of the temps. It's getting frustrating. :(

  5. I've been running icepacks in the cloner 3-4 x / day and it's still not enough. It's become way too labor intensive. :(
  6. Sounds like there is something wrong with your air pump to me. It shouldn't be pumping out hot air. Does it require maintenance? It may need lubricated or looked over if you haven't looked into it. It sounds like there's a hell of a lot of friction going on.

    Either that, or your pump just likes pumping out super hot fucking air. Raising the temps over 10 degrees with that sucker is impressive. Usually it takes an aquarium heater to accomplish that.
  7. Pull one of the lines out and remove the stone. Place the end of the airline close to your cheek to see how hot the air really is. If it is hot then look at the ambient temp of the air surrounding the pump. Is the pump under the light? If so shield it or move it so that the light does not shine on it. Also, the air at the floor level will be a few degrees cooler than the air at say 5 feet above the floor.

  8. Bahahahaha! I like the idea that my pump just likes pumping out super hot fucking air. :D :D

    I went down to the hydro store today and the guys there told me that these pumps are crap and notorious for running hot.

    The unit is one of these:

    EcoPlus Commercial Air Pump 5

    They had another unit at the hydro shop that was only like 1/2 the output (and double the price) but the thing was WHISPER quiet... and didn't run hot at all.

    Of course I was all retarded from just being in the hydro store that I forgot to make note of the brand. :p
  9. Why not buy it then? It seems to me that this is a solution for you, and if your plants are dying is it worth saving $10 to buy an air pump online and then wait for it to arrive?

    Your answer then is that your air pump runs hot and needs replacing...so when are you replacing it?

  10. Original question:

    "Can anyone recommend a good, powerful airpump that can run 6-10 12" airstones without generating a ton of heat?"

    Did you notice that not ONE reply actually addressed the question?
  11. I've gotten a couple of medical grade piston drive pumps at goodwill for next to nothing! Also isolate out of the heat with as long of a hose as you can run. If it's in the grow area the humidity in the air will make any pump run hotter, especially when the lights are on! You could also check the med supply stores (there are plenty in AZ) and see what they cost direct? Another thing, are you running aquarium stones, or hydro stones? There is a difference in poor size, more restriction/friction equals more heat!
  12. I use these and have never had any problems:

    HTG Supply - Dual Diaphragm Air Pump

    They don't get hot but I also intentionally put them by my air intakes so that way it's not inhaling already hot air.

  13. Everyone was offering suggestions so you would not have to buy another pump. Jezzz we're trying to save you money...
  14. If you notice the design of the air pump you are using you can see that the outer shell is meant to be a heat sink (like car amps and digital ballasts use) meaning that it is obviously going to get hot.
  15. You're kind of a dick. Sorry, that's not a suggestion...just an observation.

    Happy heat pumping, procrastinator :rolleyes:

  16. I was simply replying to your ignorant post, douchebag.
    Honestly I dont think the heat put off by that pump is the issue. I use the same one and my res temps are LOOOOW and consistent. Either employ a chiller or work out some other acceptable solution to lowering res temp. I just use a centrifugal fan to compress cold air from my wall ac unit or portable ac into a piece of ducting that feeds it into all my res via pieces of garden hose. Laugh all you want my roots are crispy white like a babys ass.
  18. I'm hoping u don't know by experience about a babys bottom. Don't need any perves on here. Lol
  19. This is probably the pump you were looking at:

    Aquarium Air Pumps: Rena Air Pumps

    These are very quiet.

    You do know that pumping a bunch of 75 deg F (for example) air is gonna transfer heat to the soup.

    The more air the more heat gets transferred.

    You could stick the pump in the refrigerator and run a line.

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