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    To the Al Gore Propaganda Fest 09? No thanks.

    CO2 is not a pollutant.
  2. Uhm, Wikipedia is extremely unreliable, JSYK.
    And I havent even heard of Al Gore being involved in this conference.
    Either way, the whole point of power shift is:

    In the middle of our new administration's first 100 days, Power Shift 09 will bring 10,000 young people to Washington to hold our elected officials accountable for rebuilding our economy and reclaiming our future through bold climate and clean energy policy.

    From February 27th to March 2nd, 2009 young people from across the country will converge on Washington D.C. to take a message of bold, comprehensive and immediate federal climate action to Capitol Hill.

    We will leverage the momentum we built locally through the Campus Climate Challenge, at our first national mobilization Power Shift 07, and our electoral engagement campaign Power Vote to pressure our political leaders to take the action our generation and our future demands.

    Power Shift 09 comes at a Our window of opportunity is short; the first months of the new administration are critical in achieving significant, lasting changes. We must use the time we have to redefine what is politically or financially feasible and achieve what is scientifically and economically necessary to safeguard our future. Our political moment is now and we must not let it pass us by.

    At Power Shift, not only will we deliver our message of change to our elected officials, but we will continue to strengthen the climate and clean energy movement by infusing our nation's young leaders with new ideas, skills, connections with each other, and opportunities for employment and action.

  3. So just to be clear, global warming isn't happening? Or it's because of natural causes?
  4. If CO2 is a pollutant, we all better hold our breaths. The only "green" movement I supported is legalizing the "greens".
  5. No climate change is occurring, but its cyclical and natural. There is just as much evidence to support we are on the verge of a global ice age.

    Al Gore is funding the event through the Alliance for Climate Protection.

    I dig conservation and renewable resources, but not taxing CO2 and pretending like we can control the climate.
  6. While Al Gore is overexaggerating things, I would not say there is not warming going on. I think it is a natural occurrence like anything else, that we really have less of an impact than we thing, but that there is none at all. Gore has it partly right.
  7. I mean, hes funding it not orchestrating it.
    Droughts, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes.
    Havent you noticed that its intensified recently? in the summer its hotter than before, and the winter colder than times past? We keep fucking up the planet more though, and it will deteriorate faster. Or maybe well die off. Cancer just seems to be more prevalent in Cities, some researchers thinks its caused by unnatural things like cigarettes.
    I dont believe we can control it either, but I think we can make it better by changing our ways.

  8. No... If co2 is on very high numbers then weather is more likey have more sterve. It means that it just trying reducing co2. Right now, we're coming to end of warming climate for 100,000 years. Entering ice age based on what sciencist said. (I heard this on discovery channel, If i'm wrong the correct me)
  9. That is all natural, the earth moves in cycles. We have had over 20 ice ages, and all of them came about without human increasing CO2 levels. Even with humans on the earth, Volcanos give off much more CO2 each year, I don't think most people realize that.

  10. Yes, the earth runs on cyclical CO2 and temperature patterns:

    CO2 is a result of temperature rising, not the cause. It is only .03% of the atmosphere, and a negligible greenhouse gas. Water vapor contributes to the majority of heat trapping.

    The sun and celestial bodies are more likely responsible.
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    We have science proofen like what aarron showed...
    Arguing over online is not always stupid. what stupid is arguing to trolls or bais people.
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    Its more annoying when people support counterproductive causes

    Maybe instead of trying to fight nature you should prepare for it?

    And I leave you with an excerpt from The Report on Iron Mountain, a since denied 1967 political think-tank:
  13. Question asked----> Anyone from GC going to powershift 09?

    Replies----> CO2 blah volcanoes blah

    I as the op didnt say a thing about CO2, and I get a lovely bashing about going to an environmental conference. Thats how you started a needless argument.

    Do you recycle? Do you try to talk to your congressman? Do you participate in Activism?

    If no to any of the above, then you must not care as much as I do.
    Actions expresses priorities.

    W/e...yeah, you are Wack Wackdeafboy.


    This thread officially sux thanks to jerks.
  14. Oh, and in no way did I say that I liked Al Gore, or endorsed what he said.
  15. No we are actually in a cooling cycle and its a natural occurance. Oh, Al Gore sucks.:D
  16. I find it funny that the thing is called Power Shift 2009. Not being too subtle with their intentions are they?

  17. Please explain to me all the past ice ages and climate changes that occured well before humans occupied the planet.

    You see i care but am not going to waste my resources and time fighting an incorrect cause. By fighting an incorrect cause you cannot achieve the desired effect.
  18. Why are you supporting bias information?
    That like supporting gov do their jobs on economy. Here my solution, stop supporting the govs. :devious:
  19. I know next to nothing about powershift 09, but if this is any typical environmentalist meeting (Right word?), then you are better not going. The actions of the mainstream environmentalist movement have shown time and time again that they can't be trusted to benefit anything, but their own pockets. (Not even the environment)

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