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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mustard, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. So im researching the possibility of using a Power Generator in the furture. Solely for growing. Probably overkill, but oh well. Has anyone here done any research on the subject? like, cost to run it (not to buy) and if its safe, reliable, or capible of running 24/7/365 for several years. I noticed most are designed to just cut in during a power loss, and if thats all they are designed for i doubt they can handle constant use. Also, what would be desired wattage for one if I were to want to grow a large amount of plants. I'd give an estimate of say... 50-100 or so plants flowering and another 50-100 vegetative. And maintaining some males for breeding.
  2. wouldnt neighbors wonder why your running a generator? i would want to know.

  3. do u fully understand the consequences of being caught with that many fuckin plants????@!!! like life in prison dude, hope u know what ur doin...

    plus dont those run on gasoline?? those fumes wouldnt be good for your plants....
  4. actually the one i was looking at sits outside and runs on propane/natural gas. Also has a noise dampener. and as far as the consiquences of growing that many, i plan on moving to Canada. Which from what I've been reading latly, they have a very large Cannabis Legalization movement, and are fairly close to legalization. So by the time I actually start growing (few years) It will either be legal, or decriminalized enough to where it wouldnt be too bad. Also from what I understand (canadians correct me if im wrong) the law enforement there is fairly laid back and arn't exactly searching for growers like the US is.

    Also, I'm not saying I'm going to grow that many, but i want to have the power resource if i do choose to.
  5. 200 plant is alot lol just abut any copper in the world would love to catch someone growing that much pot. Even in amsterdam you can only grow 5 with only natural light so i've read.

  6. Well you are right about that. That's because we have a so called gedoogdbeleid. So the weed isnt high priority for the police. You can have under 100 plants without it being a big problem with the police. But if you cross the 100 plant barrier, well that's a different story. But even if you go above 100 plants it isnt a really big problem. Near the place where i live there are people who have over a thousand plants, but these ussually belong to coffeeshops. I have around 50 plants right now, amd that's not much for Dutch standards.

    sorry for my english
  7. I wish i lived there......mmmmmmmmm.......pot all dy


    fim so high right now yay
  8. Not too long ago, the 5-0 busted a local grow op.. The worst part is, though, is the fact that they were growing over 2,000 plants! Free the weed! >.<


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