Power Outage! Quick question.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blckninja636, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. So there was a power outtage in my area today and i lost 5 hours of light right in the middle of my 18/6 vegg cycle.

    will This affect my plants?

    I was planning on leaving the lights on till the next days off cycle to make up the lost time of light.

    would this be a good Idea?

    any input greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Your plants might stress a little over that, but not too much. I read about a guy who had to put his plants out of the light for 3 days due to an unexpected "visitor". His plants recovered, so I'm sure yours should. I would not bother "making up" the light missed, I would just keep them on their normal cycle 18/6. How old are the plants?
  3. Oh ok thanks! thats good to hear.

    they are only like 2 week old cuttings.

    i was actually reading on here that a 24/0 light cycle will make them grow 33% faster, so I think im goin to switch my cycle.
  4. Don't try to "make up" for the lost time, just resume your light schedule and all should be fine. If you want to switch to 24/0 that would be fine too, just once you switch stick to it throughout the veg stage.

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