Power Outage! Need advice ASAP!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by naturelover74, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Ok.I had a power outage last night and my light cycle starts at 5pm to 5am. Well,sometime after 11pm the power went out! I do my light cycle at night but I can change it,cause I use a digital timer. I also had to go in the room for a brief moment to get extension chord and used the light glow of my phone to see,. What should I do??? my plants got about 6 or 7 hours of light and my plan is to just wait til next cycle and business as usual but "beginner" so what do I know! I am really worried as this grow is not like my 1st few newbie grows,these plants have a lot of work put into them. I have 2 bagseed Indica kush clones that are a little over 2 weeks but have lots of bud already and a little SOG experiment consisting of 3 plants and finally a 17 week old sativa that is almost ready so should I start my cycle at 5pm as usual or try to calculate 12 hours from the outage and then turn back on? I just don't know,I am really frustrated as I have followed all the "rules" this time and have been very pleased with my results and now.....:(:confused: Thanks GC
    Oh yeah,its a CFL grow BTW.
  2. you should be fine, this has happened to me countless times. keep an eye in our plants to make sure they didnt herm, but I would suggst keeping the same light cycle
  3. When in flower, extend darkness to fix a light schedule.

    If this ever happens to ya in veg, extend light.
  4. Thank you guys! That really sets my mind at ease. I will just turn on my lights and reset my timer at my normal time. Again ,much appreciated!

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