power outage HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by maseo, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. Here is the situation-
    I have 20 some odd plants, all amsterdam strain from reliable seedbanks. Most of which are bubbleberry and kali mist. Right now they are about two weeks from full ripeness, and that hurricane isabel knocked out my power for 3 full days. The ladies spent one half day and one full day in darkness before I put them in a room with some indirect sunlight for about one day. My origional 12 on 12 off was from late afternoon until early morning, but has since been switched to 8am to 8pm because of my readjusted light schedule. I figured this might reduce the shock....but now many of my buds are growing vegitative tendrils that are budding as well. The same signs happened during my last crop when the ladies were deprived of light for 48 hours in an "unexpected move" and the inside of the buds started to die off and turn brown and crunchy as the tendrils tried to become the new bud material and go through a second veggie/bloom state. Is there anything I can do to save my crop in these last few weeks? I have switched to Monster Bloom which has no nitrogen to boost the flowering cycle instead of the veg that it wants to be doing. Has it really returned to veg? Should I try and pick the ones growing tendrils premature? Anyone had this problem or a solution?
  2. ill let you know what happens with my gro, ive been 5 days no lectricity. ive moved mine to the front room which gets about 2hrs of direct light a day. it really sucks :(
  3. Generator!!!!!!

    Battery powered floros (camping section)

    All you need is a little light i think. Just enough to trick the plant.
  4. your hormone levels in the plant that respond to the dark cycle have been totally disrupted...you need a product called SUPERBUD which re -initiates flowering at the maximum level and also is designed for long power outage areas ( max 5 days ) this is available over here..not sure with you...

    the SUPERBUD would re-boost your psyntocynin ( hormone reacting to light ) levels to full flowering thus preventing the plant reverting to vegetative growth...

    look for this product on a web search...it is A1 !!!!!
  5. most of us have power now, thanks though for the tip

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