Power Outage blazing

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by messeramarqueth, May 21, 2010.

  1. So last night, I was smoking up on my bong, :smoking: and the fucking lights flickered. I was like, freaked out for a sec, and then just as I stood up (and you know what that's like when you're baked outta your mind), the power went out completely. So I just sit the fuck down and keep smoking, man. At one point I just lit a couple candles and hotboxed my room in the dark. :p

    Anyone else got a chance to blaze in a blackout?
  2. Yah it was pretty stormy yesterday. Lucky my power didn't go out :p
  3. I was chillen with some buddies, we just picked up and there was REALLY bad storm. We were rolling a blunt and the lights when out. FUUUUU

    We rolled the outer leaf of the game in pitch black using a lighter for light. When we went to spark it, you guessed it, the lighter was dead. I went downstairs and looked for 15 for a lighter and when i found one, the lights went back on.
  4. Haha, epic fail, man. It's amazing how well you can do things in the dark when you're stoned, though.

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