Power out.... never ending problems :(

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  1. Okay I have 2 different strains one suppose to harvest this Saturday and the other one is the following Saturday. Tonight once again my friend comes over and is messing around with some deal for the exhaust system. The lights were all on and suddenly he did something and lost total power in my room and main garage.

    We checked the fuse box and he flipped main power off then back on again. The power to the main garage came back on at that point. We went back in the room and he told me to let lights cool off before turning them back on and he also unplugged 2 of the lights at that point. He told me to wait 5 min and then to plug the one light back in and hit this switch to the right inside the timer. I did that and nothing. I checked the fuse box in the garage again and the main one to my house and all seems okay. Of course I can't get a hold of my friend again to come figure out wtf he did.

    Lights have now been off since 10:30pm and it's getting close to 3am and still no lights. Will this hurt my plants that I am close to harvesting? If he for some reason comes back over and gets the power back on... do I turn lights on and allow them to go the rest of the cycle or just wait till they come back on tomorrow?

  2. Short term no long term sure. Plants are not like mcdonalds things dont happen instantly. Its like when you have nute issues takes time for them to recover not the next day.

    I would not let your friend work on your electrical system anymore :p

    I would just adjust your light cycle leave them in the dark and mark this as your new time period.
  3. do not interrupt the light cycle make sure they stay off for at least 12 hours, or longer, if anything the longer dark cycle will make them finish faster, and i would try to get the lights on asap....this kind of sounds like a problem i first had ages ago when i tried to run two 1000 watts, and a inline fan and some other stuff off one circuit i kept popping the breaker because i was pulling more then the allotted 16 amps so i had to switch the breakers out to 20 amps and problem was solved, you could be overloading the breaker, check it out or call an electrician off craigslist or call your local hydro store and see if they have a guy they use to setup lighting for grows
  4. I definately am so done with his so called help and even told him tonight not to do anything then bam lights were out and he left. I unfortunately know nothing about power or wiring that's for sure. What is the longest they can survive without light?
  5. Okay sorry one more question here... not sure what you mean adjust my lights for new times. They come on at 8pm normally and are out at 8am. Tonight lost power at 10:30 and has been out since... what will my new light period be?
  6. lights off at 1030pm, lights on at 1030am
    12 hours on, 12 hours off.

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