Power line fell on house

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  1. So big storm happened here, and of course the power line fell on our house.
    We can't touch any metal, they blocked off our house but didn't tell us to leave?

    QUESTION: What do I do with plants? No generator, no power, no fans, no light... Fingers crossed hope for the best??? That's all I think I can do

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  2. are you ok? i don't like to call people liars but having a busted live power line on your house is a much more serious problem then trying to grow some plants
  3. Lol the fire department had already arrived by that time. They told us it was a fire hazard, but didn't tell us to leave the house? Just said don't touch anything metal. The power came back on after 4 hours

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  4. So you had a 4 hour interruption to your plants ..?

    if vegging..? = Do nothing and carry on

    if budding.. ? = As above

    pics is good

    good luck
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  5. Obviously all fine now, thanks all for replies.
    Once lights turned back on I figured I'd let this post die
    Should've came back and said don't bother/dead thread

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