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Power Hitters

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cafalls, May 25, 2004.

  1. Hey Everyone! Glad to be joining you all! Question: Does anyone remember "Power hitters"? They were black soft,plastic canisters that you put your "rolled one" into the cap; lit. And squeezed on it into your mouth while inhaling.
    I had one in the 70's. Would LOVE to get one again and can't find them ANYWHERE!! :( Any ideas? Most greatly apreciated! Quinnie
  2. i saw one of those on ron manns "grass"
    i think it would hit like a gravityless gravity bong

    welcome to the city
  3. your best bet would probably to make one yourself.... ive never heard of them before...
  4. Thanks! I hope someone out there knows where I can get one. Don't think I'm good enough to make it mayself ;o)
  5. i dont think they make them anymore, just like they do not make zongs anymore.
  6. What's a zong?
  7. i dont know if this would work but i think this is what you are looking for
    get a sports water bottle with the thing you pull up to drink
    then open it up and stick a joint in the hole the water goes thru on the inside of the cap then light it, screw the cap back on then squeeze the bottle
  8. i don't understand what you're describing.. a soft canister, you put the j in the lid.. i could see how this could be done vertically or horizontally. but, you say "squeeze on it as you hit it".. it sounds like basically just a handpipe you stick a joint in. or might as well be.

    a zong though, is a bong, but the tube, as it goes from the bottom to where you hit it.. it twists a lot. so like a 2 foot zong is really like a 3 or 4 foot bong

  9. its a zig-zag bong...the company was shut down by ashcroft but you can still find zong-style bongs online and at a headshop near you:)

  10. what sites online?? ive been looking for a zong for a while, but haven't found one..any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. oh sweet. I'm going to make one of those now.
  12. It's advertised now as a safe way to smoke cigs in bed, you put a little water in the bottom....etc...etc........It makes every hit like a shotgun. Had this one for years.

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  13. I'm still completely confused to how this works. Someone break it down for me step by step, hah. :D
  14. About 3 months ago i lived with two buddies of mine, they are brother, n e wayz, their parents gave them the one they had from the 70s, it is black and has a pot leaf on it, i love that thing, it gave sick hoots. And you could shoot the smoke up your nose for a real head rush. For those confused theres a pic below, you put the joint in the j-holder then u screw the jholder into the black piece, so the joint is inside the black piece now, you then put your finger over the carb and squeeze the bottle and a thick white stream of smoke shoots out of the end of the j-holder, their greeeatt!

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