Powdery White Mildew Keeps Returning

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  1. I am having a powdery mildew issue with my plants that I move outside/inside daily. I use deluded milk in the direct sunlight to treat this and it works! I used to paint it on with a brush but now I use a spray bottle with a heavy ratio of milk, then I rinse the plant a few hours after it dries in the sun. The problem is it always comes back and moves around to different leaves, recently it gets right into my buds and I have to spray the buds directly with my milk solution then rinse them a few hours later. Why does it keep coming back? Any suggestions? I assume it keeps coming from outside as there are several other plants in my yard with white powdery mildew on them. However maybe it is coming from inside, I store my plants in my basement which is unfinished but they are inside a somewhat enclosed area but not sealed. I do not see it colonized anywhere else in the basement though. Should I do a root drench with the milk or is it just going to keep coming back when I put the plants outdoors? I do have a few plants outdoors that stay out there but they are not affected by the mildew and they are right next to a shrub with the mildew all over it...maybe it is strain dependent?
  2. Got to lower the humidity in your indoor space. More air movement around your plants should help. TWW
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  3. I will see what I can do about the humidity, I have a strong circulating fan in my enclosure that did not seem to help...but being a basement it is humid.

    Does anyone have any input on how deluded milk affects the buds? ehh
  4. Disagree with one of the best solutions for powdery mildew other than having to wash off stinky milk? Have fun with BUD ROT.
  5. Disagree?
  6. The red X below reply, is the disagree button.
  7. Yes, I disagree with your BLANK COMMENT. Which is a smartass rude thing to do.
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    I posted a link to this. Then told you in the post above again I suggested green cure. If the link didn't show up that's all you had to say. Blank comments are not even allowed. It's showing up fine for me.
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  9. There is nothing there, its just blank, no link. You never suggested this once that I can see in text?
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  11. Its because my ad blocker picked up on the fact it was an ad and not a direct link, sorry. Thanks for the advice!
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    All good ! Should have posted the picture with link, amazon got me with the direct buy link haha, looks like spam. I highly recommend it though, I get small PM spots here and there greencure stops it, only have to reapply after a few weeks IF the Pm comes back. You can also apply it up until harvest, it will not destroy buds, it may burn the pistills, but the great about those is that they will grow back if you give it another week or 2 !
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  13. PM is systemic - once it gets in the plants it's IN them - like herpes. You can treat the outbreak, but it won't get rid of it. Once it gets to flowering there's nothing you can spray on them that won't be smoked. The milk works in veg and you won't be smoking that. It also even has a chance to rinse off. Whatever you spray on your buds will get inside them and will absolutely be smoked. Even if you were able to maintain the driest breeziest environment and kept it at bay, in flower, it'll be back and will take over very quickly.
  14. Amazon links show up as a blank in some browsers, other browsers they show as a small linked image to the product. I don't know if it's an adobe flash thing - but, yeah...
  15. My friend just gave me some "green cleaner" that supposedly works for WPM. This works both as a systemic root drench and foliage spray, if the WPM is systemic then the drench method is probably safest during flowering?

    Green Cleaner | Central Coast Garden Products
  16. well, if it's taking up green cleaner into it's system - do you mind smoking it with your bud? I've got the same stuff to use for veg if needed. But I wouldn't at all use it in flower. I have no idea if it's safe to smoke, but I don't want to find out. I had a bout of it go through my last batch of 6 plants. I did everything I could to stay ahead of it, but in the end I had to cut 3 plants early. The other 3 were completely resistant to it. It was due to overcrowding and dense foliage not allowing air flow. I learned a tough lesson...

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