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Powdery Mold/Mildew

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Beensmokingcents, Dec 22, 2022.


Trichomes or contaminated

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  1. So heres the deal, I just picked up an 8th of Kush Mints from my local dispensary and when I first got it home I took a look inside I notice a lot of powdery something at the bottom of my jar. It wouldn't bother me normally, but seems to be a lot more than normal. Also, the bud has a stale dry tea bag type of smell, was dry and snapped like a tree branch when I broke up the bud. Then, I took a closer look at the buds and they are dark purple and green, but with a light white look like it's covered in something. Not sure if it's trichomes or who knows what, but I've a bad batch before, so I'm extra precautious about what I consume. Now I'm in limbo on deciding if its smoke worthy or should I try and get a refund. Take a look at the pictures attached and let me know what you think?

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  2. i would put the cap back on and exchange it
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  3. check the link follow my advice
    The white stuff on my weed

    or google for more?

    good luck

    if its mold return it to the merchant along with your used sample of....
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  4. I had few issues with dispensaries, they always make it right .
  5. Already in process
  6. Have you ever seen powery mold or mildew on bud before? This is not what you have here at all, looks like normal bud.

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