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Powdery mildew

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by kozmoz, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Went and watered my ladys today and noticed powdery mildew on 1 plant,not alot but enough to bother me.All my plants are outdoors and there is only 1 out of 9 with the spots.Has anyone had expierence with this problem outdoors,and if so what is the safest way to treat the mildew.I need to be carefull what i use because the ladys are 2 weeks into flower.Any help would be appreciated.also that is my only issue no pest problems at all.Ed rosenthal talks about using potassium bicaRbonate mixed with water and milk to kill the spores.anyone ever use that product and if so was it during flower.
  2. hey sorry to hear about the mildew. same problem here. ive heard milk and water works never tried it. im having some luck with seranade. its organic. also if there are other plants touching your mj cut them back.also tho sodium bicarb thing... id try green cure expensive but have heard it works
  3. neem and Einstein oils are known to help with powdery mildew... also helps with bugs, is 100% natural and isn't very expensive.

  4. Thanks for the help,funny you mentioned serenade and green cure.those were the 2 products I was doing reserch on.my local grow store only carried the serenade and gave that a shot today.if the serenade doesnt work ill go with the green cure.(1 hour drive away).the 1 infected plant has very minor mildew so im hoping to catch the problem early.heres a pic.the first and second pic is the problem plant.the third plant is my healthy cole train.

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  5. nice just keep up with it. spray the non infected plants as precaution and hope for a good harvest best of luck
  6. Be careful, harvested 2 plants early because I got to this too late.

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