Powdery mildew, yuk!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by scebo, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hey,
    I have been growing for almost two months now and started flowering 2 weeks ago. I have been noticing thees white powdery spots on the leaves. I am growing hydroponic, the girls are doing great, almost 4 foot tall now. However, these spots are getting worse. You can wipe them off but they just come back.. Got this stuff called garden safe Fungicide 3 and it says to use it on a 7 day schedule. I may be stoned but does that mean to use it every day for 7 days or spray once and then again in 7 days? Dont want to kill the girls. They are really awesome and the flowers are already almost an inch big. WOW. Please help if anyone can. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. TTFN:confused:
  2. not used this misen but if it says seven day schedule it usually means every severn mate! gutted 4 ya g luck

  3. Get your ambient humidity WAY down. 20%-30%

    Sterilize your grow room.

    probably means every seven days until the the problem is resolved. if it comes down to it, and you know you're losing the battle, save what you can, and power dry. (fans, moisture absorber, dry ice)

    Are you patient enough to force it back into veg fix the problem, then flower again? Probably a bad idea, but that stuff is hard to kill and it will ruin your buds.
  4. A good way to get rid of powdery mildew without reverting back into veg is to get an ozone generator. High concentrations of ozone will kill the mold. Make sure to vent it to the outdoors because it can cause respiratory problems if you inhale high concentrations as well.
  5. I had the same problem and it wrecked my crop. I still have the weed though. Is there anything i can still do with the buds? I want to make edibles but Im not sure if thats a good idea with the mold. If worse comes to worse I can always make QWISO hash. :(

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