Powdery Mildew on Fan Leaves 8wk flwr

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  1. At first a few weeks ago i noticed white spots forming on the fan leaves of my oldest plant. it looked like maybe just some pH corrected water may have splashed onto them. But i noticed that it has been a few days since I watered, and the spots have gotten a lot worse all of a sudden. They have yet to reach the buds.

    I have been flushing for 7 days, and really do not want to get any mold in my bud, so should i just chop it down and rid of any leaves with spots and hope for the best? I will only be loosing out on about a week and a half. But its better than loosing my whole plant...

    Also, would it maybe be a good idea to just turn the thing into hash to be on the extra safe side? I could have the entire plant down and turned into hash by tomorrow morning. This seems FUCKING EXTREME considering i didnt even want to start smoking the stuff until early September :(!
  2. Can you post a pic of the plant and the spots on the leafes.
  3. Sorry the picture is in my Journal on Page 6 near the bottom, we got it figured out i think!
  4. Whats the link. First run or bagseed.

  5. Yes i had a look. Nice plants and i hope you get it sorted. I dont really like getting involved with plant problems unless they are my own. I know a good bit about plant disorders but never get involved unless its on my website.
    (good luck with it).

  6. Most likely powder mold and you ccant really get ride of it 100% ...if you can trim off some of the bigger leaves with the mold and try to use one of these methos, sulfur burners, neem oil, high pH'd water sprayed on leaves, or a 10% baking soda solution to help maintain and keep the mold to a low level and stop it from spreaading

    Hope this helps

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