Powdery Mildew on almost 7th week of flower

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    I have been having a horrible PM battle... I tried using baking soda in veg, and into flowering I started using q tips and a baking soda/water/neem mixture (since it's too late to spray them), but the mildew only pops up where the oil is not. and since there are hundreds of fkn leaves overing them all is impossible, and even if I was able to it would just jump to the stems... it just moves when I hit it :(

    This is my first grow and imm really worried about the ladies.

    I have a dehumidifier and i already know my ventilation in my setup is screwed up, so what I really need to know is if there is any last thing I can do besides trying to keep up with the mold by hand until harvest... which ive given up on. it advances so fast :(

    Sorry for the HPS glow on the pics but I cannot take them out of the light

    Also the strains im growing are granddaddy purple (in the pictures) and Hashplant x g13 (not pictured)

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  2. Aw man...this breaks my heart to hear and see this
    happen to the plants and u.

    Too bad it couldnt have been arrested earlier, but sometimes
    molds are uncontrollable, no matter how valiantly u fight it.

    It has really established itself, from what I can see. Its too
    late to try any direct spraying becuz the budz will be sacrificed.

    The only and best advice I can give u now, given the plants
    current state, is to get it immediately into a warm, dry air current.

    This will immediately halt the molds ability to move and ultimately
    dry it up. Then after the harvest, u must consider moving your
    grow space, cuz it will be full of spores, which are virtually impossible
    to remove without UV sterilization.

    U should be able to salvage more than u think.

  3. Gah!

    My ventilation is already very bad... hood is fan cooled but intaking/exhausting into the same room. There is another fan in the room weith a carbon filter attached to it, but it exhausts directly back into the room it intakes.

    Also there are 2 oscillating fans on the crop now... with all this lack of ventilation is it worth it to even have them on? Or is it just spreading spores?

    RH is going no higher than 30%... constant 80 degree temps... and it still seems to be advancing. I am going to do one last hurrah of spot treating with neem oil to see if I can last this week...
  4. The minute u see it advancing into budz - chop em.

    Ya, keep the ventilation on.

  5. Im confused to as what youre trying to show us in the pics.

    Can you upload another one and circle the areas in question?

    The first 2 sets of fan leaves look normal to me.
    Is it the 3rd set that youre talking about?

  6. Yeah, handle it as much as you can on the leaves but the second you see one bud with mold harvest your plants regardless of how premature it is.

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