Powdery mildew in mid-late flowering stages

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Dr. Errl Hammond- B.H.O., Aug 8, 2012.

  1. i am having an issue with PM this time around and its very frustrating, many seasons without anything like this, and then summer '12, Bam...it first showed in veg, sprayed PM Wash and removed leaves and was fine for several weeks, now that im about 1/2 way done flowering, PM splotches are appearing on many fan leaves again.

    ive tried removing fan leaves, but dont wanna strip the plants bare....damn it!

    What types of sprays can be used during flowering to help kill PM?
    i have heard that skim milk at 1:10 will help, also i read that hydrogen peroxide will kill it off if sprayed, and it will not affect the buds at all.

    What actually works from experience???

    Please only post if you have experience with solving PM issues. Noobs please sit this one out.
  2. I could never get milk to work and it just ended up making the plants smell like baby spitup. Serenade was useless and also has a horrible smell. Sounds like your PM wash is useless too. Peroxide sprayed on the leaves will keep the powdery mildew under control enough to get through to harvest but the PM will affect the health of the plant and yield. Better to prevent it than to try to deal with it mid-flowering.

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