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  1. i got 7 clones going and there about 6 week into flowering.
    2 of the plant started showing Powdery mildew on the fan leaves and spreading
    i went to the local garden store and pick up IMMUNOX 3 in 1 it say it help stop and prevent powdery mildew . my question is do i spray the whole plant.or just spray and wipe down the infected leaves. and if i do spray the whole plant would it harm the buds to the plant?
  2. first of all, Powdery Mildew means that the environment isnt correct. too cool, or wet, or dark, or not enough air, or plants too close, or any combo of those.

    if u figure out what is causing the PM, u can rid urself of it without any drugs or chem's. it will go away on its own. there is virtually no place on earth that doesnt have some sort of PM, so u cant kill it forever, u need to solve the problem.

    spraying copper or other management techniques isnt the answer, finding the root of the PM is.
  3. oops, i forgot that u need to keep the room clean. a dirty room is a perfect place for PM to get a foothold.
  4. Is he sure that this powdery mildew isn't just the THC? Some strains get powdery looking THC even on the large fan leaves towards the end of flower. I certainly would not spray an almost finished, flowering plant.
  5. the temperture when light is on is about 70-80 and humidity is around 40-50 thought out the day . I have 4 fan runing in my closet right now. and my closet door is alway open. but at night time the humidity get up to 62-67 with the door open but all my fan shut off when the light are off. Do you think i should leave one fan on during the night time?
  6. and no it is powdery mildew and not thc because i can wipe the powdery mildew off and then it will come back in a day or so.

  7. so yes i can spray the whole plant and it wont damage the buds?
  8. Yes. Here is what you do posted by Unoit in the link I gave you:

    Plant Shield is a foliar spray which kills many types of foliar and root fungus. It is not a chemical but a microbe, trichoderma harzianum strain T-22, which feasts on the fungus. It is totally harmless to non-fungal organisms so it is safe to use. It takes 2-10 days to control the disease. It is available from ITS: 800-375-1684 or 303-661-9546.

    Neem Oil is available in many formulations. It is quite effective on powdery mildew, with results noticeable in a couple of days. It is available in garden shops, nurseries and the net.

    Armicarb or Kali-Carb are made from potassium bicarbonate. Potassium is a plant nutrient and the bicarbonate makes it soluble and alkaline. Powdery mildew cannot grow in an alkaline environment. The mold dies.

    Baking Soda, bicarbonate of soda, is a home remedy. It contains sodium so using it too often will be harmful to the plant. Use one tablespoon per gallon and spray the leaves thoroughly.

    Alkaline water controls powdery mildew. Use a water with a pH of close to eight. Some western waters have higher pH. The pH should be lowered to the low eights. The pH of acidic water can be raised using pH Up, available at garden shops.

    To prevent recurrences, lower the humidity in the space. The humidity goes up in the evening because as the air cools the air's water-carrying capacity goes down. The same amount of water in the air results in higher relative humidity at lower temperatures. This occurs when the lights are off, a favorite time for spores to germinate. To prevent this, use a dehumidifier, which pulls moisture from the air resulting in a lower humidity.
  9. PM is a management problem. solve the problem and u solve the PM.

    Baking soda is no good.

    hi pH solution is no good.

    armicarb is also hi pH solution and is no good.

    Neem is a good product.

    ive never used 'plant shield'.
  10. HIGH All, not growing to disagree froggy....my LHM tried Baking soda, but the PM still stuck with him until he got his cirulation better..I'venever had a PM problem...well I did when I recieved clones from my LHM..but like you say "first of all, Powdery Mildew means that the environment isnt correct. too cool, or wet, or dark, or not enough air, or plants too close, or any combo of those."....This is what needs to be corrected and once this is done PM will most likely not visit.
  11. try mixing some skimmed milk with water. Solution should be about 10% or 1 part SM to 9 parts distilled water.

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