powdery mildew help!

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  1. I have afgooey 1st week of flowering. I spotted powdery mildew on a couple lower leaves and already removed them. Indoor grow 1 plant, any thing I can do to prevent it from spreading? Any help, input is appreciated thanx.
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    Hi there sorry to hear about your mold. Ed Rosenthal has some advice on your problem.

    Go to your local garden shop, or nursery, and buy a bottle of potassium bicarbonate
    - Mix an ounce of potassium bicarbonate in a gallon of water and 1.5 cups (12 oz, 340 grams) of milk—I prefer non fat, because it is less oily—but whole milk works as well.
    - Spray on your plants or dip them in it. It kills the living fungus and the potassium bicarbonate creates an alkaline environment that hinders germination of spores.

    as your in first week of flower id get some advice on using potassium bicarbonate on flowering plants.
    I would clean the whole area too. hope this helps
  3. Thanks ill try that
  4. Wonderful tip, been using greencure. Which is that and it's cheap, like 15 bucks and it makes 20gal of spray!
  5. greencure works, but the PM comes back. Create a solution containing lactobacillus acidophillus and spray that on your plants you'll never get PM. I used a wide variety of product on my outdoor, including greencure, and the only thing that actually stopped it from coming back was a solution of rice-washed-water and organic milk which was let sit for 3 days. Using the clear serum of this VERY CRUDE way of breeding this microbe I was able to get rid of all my PM.

    AND, this method WONT mess with your smoke if you get the spray on your buds!

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