Powdery Mildew harvest

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  1. I have a friend gave me a couple plants that he chopped down in their prime due to a PM problem, he then froze them. He didn't know what to do with them so he gave them to me. I did a quick dry and was going to turn them into earwax via butane hash oil method. I am worried about using my bubble bags because the fungus can get through the screens, but is should also float, or sink all the way past the 25 micron filter, so it might be ok.... any suggestions? BHO I figured should work since mold does not dissolve in solvents.
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    "what you do is, when you have removed the bulk of the material, you take a piece of scrap screen and skim the top of the water with it, it should remove some mold, since it will float to the top. once you do that, proceed with the hash making as normal. you could skim the top of the water every pass/screen size, to minimize the mold content."


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