powdert mildew right befor harvest!!!

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  1. OK first off sorry I don't have any pics but yesterday I was inspecting my three plants and I noticed a small amount of pm on some of the lower leafs that aren't getting much light. I immediately cut the leaves and began to look for more. Unfortunately I found small amounts of web looking material inside some of my bigger buds. I was on day 73 of 12/12 with some random bag seed sativas so I made the decision to harvest a little early. After harvest I inspected the rest of the bud and found a little pm on a lot of the lower portions of the plants where the popcorn buds were but not on the buds just the leaves. My question is what are my options from here? I have bubble bags for hash if that's and option. Also most of the bud seems untouched by the pm even after I went over with a black light. So is it possible to still dry and cure this bud with out spreading the pm? I've got them all hanging in a closet with fans blowing all over at the moment.
  2. I got home today and noticed one of my larger buds was more infected than I thought. I read somewhere that hydrogen peroxide can be used as a fungicide but I wasn't sure if that holds true for after harvest too. I figured I don't have much to lose so I sprayed I all the buds down with straight h202 and positioned my fans directly on the buds. I guess we will see. I've also got alcohol if anyone knows anything about either of those I would appreciate the help. Any help right now would be awesome. This is my first grow and I thought I had it made in the shade until the mold in the shade decided to make different plans.
  3. I feel for you bro. I lost my first grow to PM also. All I can say is learn from your mistakes and try again.
  4. the plants ive been growing are infected with pm. all clones off of my mother plant. the pm will slowly creep up on you. i always treat them with the "green cure" in veg and beginning of flower. then i spot treat and remove any leafs that i see it on. every couple weeks i spray down the tent with a strong mix of the green cure to kill any floating around spores, and spray the plant with a weak dose, and add some baking soda to the mix to raise the ph up to about 8.2. this will usually keep the pm away and is a pain in the ass!! sometimes i notice a tiny bit of pm on some sugar leafs once its dried and i make sure i trim it very very well, sometimes getting rid of the chunks of bud that are close by if i notice any on the buds which isnt often. all of the trim i still make hash out of, but i make quiso, with isopropel alcohol instead of using bubble bags. i just use that method instead because i know the alcohol will kill the pm and havent had a problem with it.

    theres not much you can do if it gets to the buds, but trimming all the leafs out of the bud, seems to be fine. havent gotten sick from it, and smells and tastes awesome still. once the plants are dried the mildew doesnt spread, it lives off of living plants, as far as i know. i could be wrong...who knows

  5. Thanks man your right I'll try to make the best of it and move on. Lesson learned I will definitely look into a dehumidifier next go around.

  6. So you think it would be okay to cut away the affected areas and proceed with curing in jars? Also with the trimmings that are infected I was planning on making bubble hash before I found the mold and I've already purchased the bags.
    so could I maybe mix alcohol with the ice water while making the hash to kill the spores?

  7. Yes man thats what you need.I got a cheap 1 off ebay for $40.Keeps my room at 40% at all times which is where you want it for budding.Max anyway.

    Only downer is it does add some heat when on.
  8. thats what i do, and i dont mind just cutting away the leafs that have pm on it. others would probably throw it all away. but idk, ive had no problems.

    idk how that would work with alcohol in the water, just a high ph of water will also kill the spores. i just feel safer using alcohol.

    first you freeze the trim or bud for like 24hrs. then you mix in some alcohol into a jar with you trim, or bud, and shake it for about 30seconds. the trichs should dissolve in the alcohol, and freezing the buds first makes the trichs brittle. then you heat the alcohol to evaporate it(PRETTY DANGEROUS) needs lots of venting, or do it outside not by any flames. once it gets down too a gooey mix, kind of tarry (but not burning!), you let it sit out for about 12 hrs to cure, finish evaporating and solidify it more. then you bake it at like 350F for about 5-10min. after the dish cools you freeze it and scrape it up with a razor. once it hits room temp it will turn into a nasty goo but easy to handle when frozen. you can either smoke it or.. i like to add it to some butter for edibles, or you can put it into pill capsules :p

  9. Cool man do you remember the name or the brand?

  10. Awesome man that sounds doable! whats your preferred heating method?

  11. and plus once you get pm, it infects the plant internally, and is hard to get rid of if at all. its also very easy to spread so once you have it once, its good to spray everything during veg for a while, get rid of the plants that had pm and their clones(if the mother ever had pm) and use a sulfur vaporizer to kill any spores left in the room. i just started up some new plants and took a clone of my mother plant(to keep it small but alive)and killed the mom. ive been spraying everything in veg, havent seen any pm on anything, and hoping i can grow out that plant again once all spores are gone.. its a son of a bitch to treat, and inspect large flowering plants. i had a perpetual grow for the past year, and i have to shut down the flowering tent for a little bit because of it :(

  12. an electric hot plate if you can find one. also use a pyrex glass dish when you evaporate it, so you can bake the dish after its fully evaporated.

    that method doesnt yield as much as bubble bags do, but its more concentrated and much stronger imo. one time i got some stuck to my thumb nail after scraping it up with a razor, i ate the small amount on my thumb and i was lit :D

  13. Wow that sounds crazy!! Sorry to hear about your grow though. It sounds like this shit is pretty tough to beat. I've read about sulfur burners but I really didn't want to have to resort to that. I'm currently growing from seed so I think this next go around I'll be sure to clean the shit out of my closet and the room its in. I'll watch the humidity better and hope for the best I guess.
  14. usually you have to wash the walls with some water/bleach to be on the safe side. other than that if you are starting from seed it should be fine. sucks when you find a plant thats a keeper, and you run into something like pm. my humidity stays right around 40% in my flowering tent..the only way that i picked it up was from a clone from a friend, infected everything i had, killed everything except this one plant, i cant bare to kill it off.. its the bees knees

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