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powdered urine - can labs detect it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ftppppppp!, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. I gotta quick question for yall. I am kinda on probation its technically not called that though... I have random drug testing when i go in to meet with my counselor, I have passed two tests so far but I blazed with my sister for the first time thurs, i couldnt pass it up. Anyways, I was wondering about powdered urine - not synthetic. I have read that synthetic can be detected by labs but i have been struggling to find any info about real powdered urine. I am not watched when i pee so i feel like i could blaze worry free if this stuff really works. does anyone have any knowledge about powdered urine and how effective it is? i dont think temp matters because it gets fedexed from NH to southern mass and she doesnt touch the sample or anything I just gotaa pee in a cup put the cup in a plastic bag and then i put that bag in the box that gets mailed. anyone have advice to a sure fire way to beat this thing? Dilution is way too risky for me
  2. I wouldn't use anything besides your own urine. There are several ways to speed up the detox process in your body... Just read the stickies. If I were you I wouldn't blaze until after the test is over... Better safe than sorry.

    But if that doesn't tickle your fancy, there is another totally legit way to do it. What you do is get a friend who doesn't smoke to piss in a NON-lubricated condom, tie it off and tape it to your inner leg. You see, the labs can detect the temperature of your piss to see how long its been outside your body. If you tape it to your leg it should be warm enough to look legit.

    If I were you though, I would just read up on detoxing :smoke:
  3. obviously neither of you read anything in my post..

    Sorry I dont wanna drink bleach
  4. #4 SHeekle, Aug 22, 2009
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    Hey OP, the second guy gave you some good advice (besides the whole condom temperature thing) just get a friend to pee in a cup and send it.
  5. Powdered urine is a joke, dont try it.
  6. Bleach is poison, congrats on drinking poison, you could have just mixed a little into your pee...
  7. I would advise everyone against ever following this advice. Whether it works or not bleach is 100% deadly and is not 'neutralized' by milk. If this advice does not kill you it will probably make you very sick
  8. bro i know people that drink three drips in a bottle of water and ther clean. upset stomach but clean.
  9. Still doesn't make it any less bad for you, bleach can cause chemical burns on your insides and kill you. DON'T DRINK BLEACH TO PASS A DRUG TEST!!! There are plenty of other ways to do it that wont kill you or burn your insides.
  10. I can't believe I just witnessed somebody defend this notion. I weep for society.
  11. i know not to drink bleach,.... so i have no option besides getting my little brother to pee for me??
  12. Drink cranberry juice man.
  13. To everyone posting:

    I know what/how diluting works. That is not my question.

    My question is can labs detect powdered urine

  14. How do you know this?

  16. ???:confused:
  17. lol, Just add water!

  18. Do this. It's the best way if you want to be sure of passing. It's kind of gross but it's better than failing. I've heard also that some hand warmers help keep it at the right temp. If you're concerned about the temp, you could try it in advance and figure out what you have to do to get 98 degree piss. This way is a bit weird but it's a shit load better than drinking bleach or some stupid crap like that.
  19. Whizzinator and Urinator Alternative - Better than the Original Whizzinator or Urinator !

    +Fake piss= pass every single time. 100%
  20. this thread = fail

    i dont think anyone read my post

    i dont need a 150 dollar penis
    i dont need to drink 100 gallons of water
    ill make sure the pee is warm it doesnt matter because she DOES NOT SEE OR TOUCH THE PEE. she just puts the box in the mail and it gets sent to a lab.

    all I need to know is if LAB tests (7 panel) will be able to figure out if the pee is synthetic or not

    Has anyone ever had any experience using synthetic/powder urine in a lab analysis? It isnt just a dipstick test where they test it right there and give me the results. Im sure the wizzinator works good if your on probation or something and they watch and test you right there and then and the test isnt thorough enough to tell the difference between synthetic vs. real urine. So as I said above, WILL A LAB BE ABLE TO TELL IF IT IS NOT REAL HUMAN URINE/WILL THEY KNOW IT IS SYNTHETIC?

    I have to go in every two weeks to talk about random shit hows work hows schools its stupid but every few months i will get tested and she will just tell me to go pee in the bathroom and has me put the sample in a bag inside another box. she never sees the pee, she doesnt test the pee - It gets mailed to a lab 3 hours away and then whenever i come back again i find out the results (usually 2 weeks later)

    Dont think i can make this any more clear if someone knows the answer to my question please post!

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