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  1. Hi everyone from northern Michigan here wondering if anyone eles is having trouble with powdery mildew ..I can't seem to get rid of it
  2. Welcome.
    Some neem oils for fruit trees have a touch of fungicide that will kill it. Not for use on budding plants though unless you are growing them for seed.
    I use it on my vegging plants every two weeks to keep spider mites,aphids and everything in check before it becomes an infestation.
  3. I cleaned my room and even did a sulfur burn and damn if I didn't go out and buy some clones to get caught up and so my NEW seeds thinking I was starting fresh and damn if I didn't get it again. ....I started using sm-90 but it looks like I need to just start some more seeds and clean the hell out of my rooms:( I use to use that neem oil maybe I need to start again
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    here's a powdery mildew recipe my friend has tested, it has the basics organic sulphur compounds and is easy to do:
    3 clove's of garlic (or 12 sprouts)
    3 sprigs fresh rosemary
    3 orange peal (not the cartilige)
    3 quarts water (or one quart and dilute to 2-3) 
    blend and let sit in an open-air room temp/cool temperature. ready for use fresh  10 through 24 hours, the garlic especially is ready when fresh. Simply strain to begin using. After 36 hours in warm room the bubbles will begin and you don't want to use it much past 6-12 hours of bubbling due to alcohol production. garlic is very bubbly.
    of course the seedlings will always have a more diluted version, 
    It eliminates the mildew as well as improving the plants resistance. you can also substitute the rosemary for other anti-septic herbs
    hope thats not TMI
  5. Hi grandma, pm. What's your ventilation like? Is it up to par?How many oscillating fans do you use?What are your day/night temps and rh% ?Neem can be very effective for this.I'll wait for your info. Good growing.Mj

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