Powder Mildew

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  1. OK, so I have started a perpetual grow, but ran into so powder mildew issues.
    Here is something I did by accident, that has seemed to work very well, I will try to post updates.
    And if any one with scientific info can help please do. But one of the home made solutions I found was to spray with an apple cider vinegar solution.
    So with out realizing it might help other things than odor. I put a very small cup of apple cider vinegar in my flower room, and after 4 days all you can smell from the exhaust is apple cider vinegar. But after 4 days I removed 1 leaf as opposed to the many that I had been removing. I try to keep humidity below 45%, but in my opinion the vinegar vapor and the humidity mix and may have cured the mildew problem. Again not sure that this even makes sense, but I removed the vinegar bowl today and we shall see!! Please let me know if this has been tried(rather than spraying the plant down with acv solution) it makes sense in my mind but not sure? Removal also lowered my humidity 4-5% so it must have been doing something, yes/no.
    And happy growing.
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      Next weekend is the longest day, from then on, till mid winter,Christmas, pythium can occur at any time, and any stage, and cause devastating results on any grower, once you have caught this viri see it as a STD, and treat as such, reduce humidity as much and as much as possible, wipe down grow room walls floor roof with 5% bleach solution, on advanced cases cut out and burn the infected part, or you may try to dry and eat the bud infected part, don't smoke it, on minor cases, mold on leaf not stem or bud, then you may dip the entire plant in 5% bleach solution, allow to dry in a warm wind for 2-3 hours.
    I have used baking soda, rubbed onto the mold, works by upsetting the Ph of the tree and mold surface, it works but with horrid results,
    best to stick to bleach, like you other have used vinegar, lemon juice, which are acidic and again, just UPSET the contact surface of the mold and Mj tree 'bark' but bud mold attaches itself to the Mj bark ...and digs itself in, I believe these are just temporary measures, anyways clean up with bleach, as bleach rips the shit out of mold

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