Powder Mildew strikes 7 days to hatvest

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    Well the subject says it all, pm just hit me ..7 days to cut. Any suggestions? I don't have a sulfur burner and I'm really trying to avoid spraying.
  2. Been dealing with the same problem. Neem oil stripped the sugar leafs clean each time I used it... And didn't stop anything (but did slow outbreaks).

    I eventually just gave up and cut out any infected parts, then ended up harvesting slightly early in favor of losing more weight to PM spread. Fuck PM...
  3. you can do the h2o2 bath when you harvest but you gotta dry your buds super quick after the bath that they will most likely end up smelling like grass cuz of how fast you have to dry them out....at least in my experience
  4. I'll have to look into the h2o2 bath. I've gone through and thinned as much as I could possibly find out, but I know how that goes. I guess I'll give it a few days, if it gets to be too much, then I'll just have to harvest early.
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    I had the same problem twice in a row with powdery mildew on two sets of mother plants. I just ended up destroying them. I would trim all the problem leaves off then harvest early, maybe even take a shower and change all clothing including shoes and socks before trimming to reduce the chance of any PM spores getting on the buds. I talked to a hydro shop owner who also has a degree in horticulture and he said once a plant gets PM its got it for life. He went on to say that sulpher burners will help prevent plants from getting PM and theres also a powder mix you can buy and spray your plants. They both work by raising the PH of the leaves surface to where it either kills the PM spore or make its where it cant infect the plant, dont exactly remember that part.
    But I dont think you would want to use either in flowering.

  6. I agree mate. I have some powder to make a foliage spray, but its way to late now, which sucks cuz it works great. I come from a lengthy farmer background, spent most my life in orchards, there are a couple chemicals I know I could use, but they aren't intended for this type of fruit, ha. I too talked to my Local shop and they said PM has been a huge issue in the northwest this year. Damn you la nino or el nino or whatever nino is going on.
  7. Yeah, I think it came from the clones I bought to be mother plants twice in a row. 4 previous indoor grows and never had it then bam twice in a row. Even washing everything down in the starting room with bleach and water between the first and second set of mother plants. Got some new seedlings going and before they go in the starting/mother room gonna bomb both the starting and empty flowering room with fungicide bombs.
  8. Nice dude. I know my PM is from some humidity issues. For some reason my heater was getting stuck on, and cranking my room to 80 at night then in the same cycle turn off and stay off and the room would drop to mid 60's. Turns out my dial on the heater was broke, ha. Got it fixed but a little too late. So there was that and the weather has been shit here, so the intake for my room has been all over the place. I'm doing a full rebuild of my room, adding permanent walls, adding sub panel, ditching the tents, so air flow and RH will be much easier to control.
  9. PM is short for Powdery Mildew.
  10. a nightmare.
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    Look into Actinovate I know it wont help much now but for future ref
  12. Man I have the SAME problem! I'm about a week away from chop and I've been fighting PM for about a week or 2 now! Soooooo Brutal! My buddy gave me this stuff called Safer's Defender (got it from rona or homedepot or something), he said he's used it with lots of success and I believe you can use it until the day before you chop with no negative effects (but don't quote me on that!). I've just been spraying individual leaves that have been infected and praying that it doesn't get into my buds before I chop. SO far it seems to work.

    PM SUCKS! haha

    Hope everything works out man!

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