Powder mildew?? Help plz!! 12/12!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Climbstoned, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Help!! I have had this just about the whole 12/12. I thought is was spider mites in the beginning so I tore a bunch of leaves. Then I realized it wasn't mites, so I was very happy. It's been about 48 days in flower and I just now decided that the "sugar" is not good and that it more be mold. So I looked it up and I found out it is a spore type mold.

    Question is what do I do? Is it bad? Is it ok ? R my buds growth stunted? Do I have a lost harvest?

    My conditions r 71*F, 28% humidity and I have a 6in exhort fan hooked up to a carbon filter. My room in 5x10. The plants cover 41/2x 31/2. The light is a cool tube 600 watt. I also have a box fan just for air movement. They r in Dwc.
  2. Also if u o to my grow journal, I have very good pictures of my plant. For some reason I can't post a picture twice.
  3. Any suggestion??? Plzzzzz?

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