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  1. The fuckery in this post y'all,

    One day I was watching Jimmy fallon doing a duet with mitt Romney….
Reading the comments people were randomly arguing over Obama and Romney and who is better, and me being me, I simply posted my unpopular opinion saying “if you think Romney would be any better than Obama than you need to wake up, sheeple”
    In return, I received this….LOL amusing, I could have simply ignored it, but who doesn't enjoy a simple roast session every now and again? #ClapBack #FreeThinker
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  2. lol there was nothing about Obama or romney in that... seemed like a religious conversation to me.
    Atleast in the excerpt..
    Your Vanity Haze right? 
    If im being blatantly honest that conversation is the one i see in the comments and roll my eyes and continue on lol
  3. What does your post mean?
    If that comment in the pic is yours then you're wrong. We came from the same ancestor but not from monkeys.
  4. I like to tell religious people to leave me to my ape like cavorting in peace. :D
  5. "i'm a believer of the evolution of monkeys to humans" hahaha. me too..

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  6. all i can think of when i see this thread[​IMG]
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJS3a20rUVM
  8. Well?

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  9. I believe in creosote - like in railroad ties.
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