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Pouring down rain and seedlings?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by outsidebaker, May 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, well I planted 4 seeds this past Friday and I checked up on the spot today and one of the seeds has made it out, but still has the seed casing attached to it. Problem is, the weather tonight and likely most of this week is rain. Even worse, it'll be pouring down with thunderstorms :mad:. I know that all this could take out the tiny little seedling, so I was thinking of cutting off the top of some 2l soda bottles and just putting those over the seedling and the other spots where I planted the other seeds, good idea?
  2. And there's no indoor place i can move them to.
  3. cut a gallon jug inhalf and cover....
  4. It still needs fresh air dont cover it like that you cant rig a make shift tent with a trash bag and some sticks i just put an umbrella over mine
  5. [quote name='"atlboi420"']It still needs fresh air dont cover it like that you cant rig a make shift tent with a trash bag and some sticks i just put an umbrella over mine[/quote]

    His idea wouldn't deny it air. It's not a bad idea IMO. I normally don't worry about rain but I don't know what types of torrential storms you have in your area.
  6. I had a few seedlings get soaked by a storm... they were all laying on the ground but when the sun came out they stood up... they will be fine unless it rains everyday
  7. Yeah. Plants in nature get their start during the rainy season. That's what they like.
  8. Okay good I guess, last night it only sprinkled, but the forecast is gonna be pretty rainy the next few days. Got some good and bad news though. First off, The first sprout is growing pretty well and the seed casing fell of. The first cotyledon is looking nice and good, while the other one however is about the quarter of the size of the first one, so anything to worry about that?

    Second off, another seed sprouted but still has its casing on pretty fucking tight, way closer together than what the first seedling looked like. Hopefully it just falls off in the next few days, so gotta keep an eye on it.

    Third and lastly, as I was observing my third seed I saw it just laying there on the soil, the tap root/stem barely covered with soil at all. I suppose I didn't bury it deep enough (or any of the other ones, considering they all had their helmet on when they sprouted). So I poked a hole in the soil with my finger and just popped the whole thing in there. If it's of any importance by the way, the tap root/stem isn't white but not quite the stem green color yet, not sure though if that was just the brownish of the soil though, gotta just wait it out I guess.

    So thanks any input would be greatly appreciated :)

    PS: the last seed, which never grew the tap root whilst germinating, but was planted nonetheless, I found was laying on top of the soil, probably from not being planted deep enough. It looked the same as when I had first gotten it, so my question, is it just a dud seed or rather waiting for the right conditions? I planted it deeper and am just hoping for the best.
  9. When my sprouts break the surface but still have the seed attached I just add more dirt but I dont cover it, you could just add a bit more dirt so the seed is just barely visible.
  10. cut a 2L sprite bottle in half and put the half with the cap over the seedling, cap up. cut a few slots in the bottle, just a straight line. this will allow airflow but wont wash away your shit

  11. Yup that's what I did and worked out perfectly. But any thoughts you or anybody on my previous post? I'm starting to think maybe that that one cotyledon was damaged when the seed casing fell off?
  12. two of my seedlings still had the seed casing on them. One fell off on it's own, but the other one i reluctantly took off myself. It was a big risk with how fragile they are right now, but i managed to get it off and now it's all kosher.
  13. you should just made a wooden frame, and nailed 4 legs to it and threw a transparent sheet of plastic over it. I used an old picture frame to make this and its been protecting my seedlings from pouring down rain since the start of my grow.

    i got 1 nice 4 week old baby, 3 other mabe 1.5 week babies, and just planted 4 germinated seeds into soil :)
  14. Well the second seedling shed it's seed to reveal some beautiful fucking cotyledons, with one folded ontop of the other, but still both looking nice, green, and plump. Can't say the same about the first seedling though, which doesn't appear to have much change, still pretty small cotyledons. I'm also thinking of just disregarding the other two seedling which haven't sprouted and just putting in two new seeds, without germinating first, yay or nay?
  15. I'd just go for it, if you keep them decently warm and insulated int he soil and give it sun they're more than likely to pop. Hell, mother nature's been doing it for centuries.
  16. lol...its not a air tight people kill me....its common to use a gal milk jug to protect seedlings and small plants outdoors....COMMON PRACTICE!!!

  17. same with a milk i stated COMMON PRACTICE.....dude aparently has no can see my thread "just finished backyard prep" and see how i get down....remember info is only as good as the source....

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