pouring bong water on plants?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by botanist al, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. high all,
    i have heard that pouring used bong water on your plant is good for it. I was sure this wasnt true until i saw another thread on here. It said that pouring bong water on ur plant is good for it. I dont know what to think anymore because both sides of the argument have good reasons for doing each one.
    anyone with help is appreciated

  2. talking to them is just giving them what they need for photosynthesis, I don't know the name in english,
    photosynthesis is where they use light and filthy air(what you exhale, I think it's CO² but I don't know) and change it to oxygen(what you inhale) while growing. Theoretically it should help but normally the air has enough CO²
  3. NO.......with a capital N.......lol..........DO NOT ADD BONG WATER TO YOUR PLANT!!!!.......it will do more harm that good........"if i knew the son of a ***** that started this rumour i'd kick his ass"............talking to them is fine, it produces co2 and will be absorbed by the leaves and help growth, but DO NOT ADD BONG WATER.........i must have said this a thousand times by now my friend..........soil.....water.....and fert.........it's that simple..........Peace out..........Sid
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  4. As sid said, definitaley not.
    Its like that bleach rumor, that bleach helps during germination, thats a definate NONO aswell, and "if i knew the son of a ***** that started this rumour i'd kick his ass" as sid said, ;P
  5. *dons sarcastically inquisitive voice*

    Could it be the government spreading lies so people who don't know any better will kill their marijuana plants before they even grow?


    *dons geeky german-accented scientist voice*

    Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use light, nutriants in the soil, and carbon dioxide (or CO2) to produce their own food, expelling Oxygyn gas (or O2) as the byproduct of the process.

    Therefore, it may be scientifically advantageous to talk to your plants, as it is your own body that produces carbon dioxide gas.
  6. What have you ben smoking supertoker! talk to your plants it the only good advice you gave no offense.
  7. uh guys uh maybe he was uh kidding...just a thought
  8. This is a perfect example of why a noob cant use forums alone to make decisions about growing.

    People that have no fucking clue of what they are talking about come in and post shit like PUT BLEACH or BONG water on your plants. let me tell you if you do that then you are wasting your time.

    Thats almost as dumb as saying use SALT water to water your plants it will help them! Or Cutting the stem in half is a good way to make the plant grow bigger!? Dont Piss on the plants either thats another falsehood that needs to die.


    Fresh clean water only.

    Fresh bag soil, regular plant food fertilzer, and Fresh water.

  9. People ask questions in order to learn, its just a part of life.
    Some of those questions are stupid to some, but they still need answered. We were all new at one time, and asked stupid questions im sure :)
  10. yeah but why add piss and then have to smoke it, or not be able to sell it because of it, when you could just add nitrogen from a bottle....?........Peace out........Sid
  11. i gotta question..how much fertilizer should you use?
  12. depends on what stage the plant is at......when it's young i use a weaker solution, and slowly build up, you have to remember it's a weed, very versitile, i'll add approx 1/4 strength for a short time and increase from there, but i don't stick to the suggested amounts, i like to experiment a lot with it..........Peace out.......Sid
  13. Sid whats your meathod for max ferts? Do you keep em runing on the edge of rootburn? Or do you hit rootburn and pull back like 1/2 strength?
  14. lol, gotta laugh every time that gets asked... i acually kept a small maple tree alive for almost 3 years until it needed a transplant... after every smoke session i always empty out my bong water and i always poured it on this little maple tree that was growing a 5 gallon bucket.... damn thing grew ffaster than all the otehr little seedlings that were growing in the ground, but that most likely just due to the faact that it was getting water when the others werent...
  15. man dude thats sick, keep your damn bong water away from any of my plants


    stoned again
  16. and whos gonna kick ur ass?

    when germinating seeds with the wet paper towl methord (bad idea i think but ppl seem to like it) u run a huge risk of moulds and fungi growing in the warm moist (i love that word moist) place u have given the seeds to grow.

    most bagseeds aint clean, they still have bits of plant stuck to them and even store brought seeds can of been droped on the floor or... anyway fungi spores can come from anywhere.

    the idea of the bleach is u put a couple of drops of it in a large cup of water and use that water to wet the paper towl or clean the seeds with b4 u germ them. when diluted this much no harm can b done to sprouting seeds but it is helpfull in retarding fungi. also u shud remove the seeds from the towl as soon as the shell cracks and not wait till the tail is out and roaming around the paper. but u shud do that if u use bleach or not.

    bend over, i'll just put me boots on.
  17. bong water is bad tho. it messes with the ph and ec, can cause nute lockout or burn roots, can retard the passage of air in the soil and funny enough cause moulds or fungi to grow.
  18. Not to mention how stong that would smell, i donno about you guys but when i empty my bong out that water smells like shit! not to mention all the other problems...Def a NO NO!

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