Poundin beer in the shower...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 6, 2006.

  1. Anybody ever do it?

    Ive done it awhile ago, Not in awhile tho. I decided to do it like half hour ago and jus got out and dressed.

    Feel good.

    I woke up and jus was in a good mood for some reason. My boys missing and could be dead, My ex-girl is pregnant and her folks found out last night and shes bout to get the boot. Even though this happend, I jus have a smile on my face today I feel good.

    So i cleaned the house for the hell of it.

    Then i have two Molson Ice's left. Good beer in glass bottles, Cold as can get.

    Grabbed one and hopped in the shower. Stood in the shower lettin the water relax my muscles from head to toe while drinking a beer, Pounded it in about 5-7 minutes and then procedded to clean up wash my hair ect. and got out and got dressed.

    Felt hella good, I feel so relax and calm after it, I feel wonderful.

    I deff reccomend doing this, Anybody else ever do it?
  2. damn if i had some bud right now i'd hop in the shower and smoke a fat bowl
  3. fuck yes. in my old house we had a cardboard teepee in the shower to protect the beer. nothing like a beer or a bong in the shower. you da man!
  4. The old shower beer. Nothing like killing two birds with 1 stone before you go out. Get a buzz on and get all the shit off you. I like a nice cold budwieser to go with the nice steaming shower
  5. Your next step is to take a bath with a gravity bong.
  6. hahaha thats awesome

    but yea reefa, when im late for the bars i got to take two brews in the shower. it goes down so smooth.
  7. I shall do this.
  8. Sorry to hear bout your boy and your ex(Is it a good thing or a bad thing for you?) lol..And no, i have never drank a beer in the shower, ive drank on in the hottub..kinda the same right?

    I love waking up happy, your whole day is just fantastic..

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