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Pound of mids for 300$!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ß­ÅÐÐ_ŧ§, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. I know someone selling 1 pound of mids for 300$ or 50 for an oz! What a deal since its usually 25 a 1/4 for regs, and 75 a oz for regs, and 400-600 a pound. And damnit im broke!
  2. uh... lol, tell that guy to come over here :D i could go for a lb of mids right about now :D

    around here they go for $125 an oz, like $350 for a QP, and $1,100 a lb
  3. the last pound i was offered was mids and 700, also 1000 for upper mid (?) so we had the 1000 together (between like 6 people) and the guy selling it turns out is a cokehead so its hard to keep tabs on him..... long story short he never had it when we had the money beside for the night we couldnt get a hold of him..... man that was a bummer for a lot of people
  4. 300$ for a pound is shaaaady!!!
  5. It does sound shady, but hell man, a half oz of KB for $45 sounded shady to me too and it was true. I'd jump on that price in two seconds.

  6. take a loan from some one :) then either sell it or smoke it allllllll and pay your friend back.....

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