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pound a 1000 watt light doable?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by hemphero, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Yes 1000 watt lights can produce a pound with like 20 plants under a light, BUT FOR MY CASE being medical i can only have 32 plants, so im putting 4 plants under each 1000 watt hps. with co2 and hydroponics is it possible to get a pound a light, meaning a 4 ounces each plant. Genetics are Great, sensi big bud, serious seeds chronic and green house church...
  2. Yes. It is doable but you will need good nutes and to keep the temps right and have a good veg period. If you do those things with your set up you'll pull that.
  3. im sorry im new but how can you pull a lb with 20 plants under a single 1000w hps? I am setting up 2 1000w hps planned on doing about 25 plants was hoping to pull MAYBE 2 lbs off of that. it is my first grow so i have been reading all the advice i can read!
  4. 1.3 Oz per plant seems very low for 2000 watts IMO, I am more than doubling that under 600's, I aways scratch my head when I see so many posts of people averaging so little per plant. I think my yield is poor compare to some local friends yields, but do not understand the sub 2oz per plant in soil, Hydro I can see that, but not in soil. I can only contribute it to strain, because I sure don't do anything special. I use FF soil and nutes (including beatsie and chaching etc) follow their schedule, actually 75% of what they recommend and incorporate Lumperdawgz Tea, once in ver and once in flower(just started this) I also run 1200ppm or co2:hello:, I have 30 plants under 3 600's....veg for 4 weeks, and dont top or pinch etc, I do start from clones(from the bottom of the plant prior to flower. pretty straight forward, no magic. I am not trying to toot my horn, just confused why some growers get such low yield,
  5. you can easly get 4 ounces a plant with a 1000wer, my friend just got 3 ounces in a pc case using 4 23w cfl's so id say it wont be trouble for you at all
  6. Pics or it didn't happen.
  7. Yeah.. those number dont make much sense to me either.
    Im on my second grow now, but my first, I harvested one plant under a 400w HPS and got 3.5oz cured.

    That was only like 13 or 14 little stems.
  8. i would replace 4 1000 wat lights with 7 600watters... i woulnd't be surprised if you could pull 5-7 lbs off 4200 watts... with aeroponics sky's the limit, i bet you could pass the gram per watt threshold (yes 4200 grams)
  9. Main factor is going to be genetics and then environmental.
    I've pulled 2lbs off a 1000W growing the Sage. When you get genetic stock just look at what they yield per square meter. Then get plants to fill the space.

    Just keep your conditional variables within their limits, give Co2 and quality newts, good ventilation and u will get an lb. off a 1000Watter easy.
  10. Its doable for sure.

    that's only .448 Grams per watt , and i think most people shoot for .5 , which would be 17.8 oz's . I think , as already stated, that environmental conditions, and genetics have a lot to do with it.. I think that you could run a heavy yielding strain to optimal conditions and get much more.
  11. I could easily fit 12 plants under that screen. I should have ... My yield would have been better.

    I did spend a lot of time admiring them but I also spent too much time tending them. I made mistakes
    that cost me time, money, effort and yield. But all in all I was satisfied.
  12. It is possible to get 1 1/2 pounds per light and more,  I got 3 pounds running a set up using 12 5 gallon pots, plants were about a foot tall when they were flipped to 12/12.  I run straight pro mix and use guano and worm casting tea, switch guano for flowering. This was under 2 1000 watt hps. Really fat nugs, indica dominant stain at around 28% thc. I made a custom made watering system that water every 30 minutes during the 12 hour flowering period. Kept temp between 72 and 80 degrees. I know I could get more by vegging longer and using scrog of other methods. Peace
  13. Without me this pot is nothing, Without it I am nothing
  14. wow! just think what you could do if you used actual soil.

    Twas Ever Thus!

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