Potting Mix Help , If you have 2 mins to spare please help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by adam8769, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. Hello everybody, Hope this is the right section ,
    Im looking at having 1-3 little lowryder's going, I am in Australia and im trying to find potting mixture's that are similar
    to the Us brand's you all suggest or use,

    If someone doesnt mind taking 5 mins to quickly read through these websites and tell me if i would be able to use each type im looking at , with the
    nutrient application , aswell,

    Can i just use 1 square foot per lowryder of potting mix/pot,or can i use smaller pot's ,less soil for each type and maybe fit more in,

    Would i be able to use either of these or what would work best,With the first one i wouldnt need to add any nutrient's,
    unless i want to re plant in the same pot,

    http://www.atggardencentres.com.au/Products Set.html

    To use this next one i would put this first,lasts one month

    Then add this to it,


    Or for this next company they have a few types with nutrients needing to be added after 4 months for example,
    ill be harvested by then,


    Searles Peat 80 Plus , The first one, 9 months nutrients,

    Searles Premium Potting Mix

    Searles Herb and Vegitable potting mix , which by the sounds of it i think would be good 4 months nutrient's

    Would this type of soil work well for other strains original blueberry, northern lights northern pride , Skunk, WHite widow etc etc etc,
    giving each plant a pot of 1 square foot

    What issues will i face , what can be suggested,

    Am i right in thinking , if a plant takes 2 months to grow , and nutrients last for 4 months that it will make the distance,

    Can i use these potting mixes , from seed to harvest with lowryder and other strains

    or would i need to start them all in a seed mix
    http://www.searle.com.au/pottingm.htm - below the herb and vegitable says for seed's

    Then transfer to the herb and vergitable potting mix - for example after a little while,

    Some of these mention all natrual organic's if i use organic pesticides i will have a nice clean batch ? all organice,

    I dont have a green thumb , and mixing perlite etc with it id rather not do,

    Thankyou for taking the time to read and hopefully provide an answer for many questions

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