Pottery or Ceramics

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  1. Has anyone had pottery or ceramics in HS? If so have you ever made a bong or do you think you could make a bong and be like "it's a vase"

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  2. My ceramics teacher was chill but she caught a few kids trying to use the "its a vase" excuse and she just threw it away, and called their parents saying their kid is making "drug paraphernalia" in class.

    But then again, I do remember one kid that got away with a piece but that's because it was detailed and decorated like no other so it didn't even look like one, and even that one ended up not working because after glazing the clay, the paint clogged the holes and it failed.

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    Yeah i am taking ceramics right now. It sucks. Its me and a bunch of annoying ass ghetto spanish chicks who never shut the fuck up. Shitty way to end my senior year lmao. But yeah i wana make a bong!
  4. Did it in high school, tried to make a bowl, teacher flipped out and they forced me to drop the class lol

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  5. I used the pottery wheel to make two nice ashtrays, but you would have to be a damn good clay worker to make a piece that actually looked good and functioned well. Oh and a awesome incense burner that looks really crazy.

    I would focus more on the art side of things. I creatively painted lots of trippy art, including a Amanita Muscaria(do not really recommend) and other psychedelic shit

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  6. You have to be creative about it. Most people try to go for basic slab or coil work to make a bong, and it's always so, so obvious *facepalm*. The easiest way to get away with it, is either to make a whistle. That way a "carb" will have a functional use (to change the pitch. It's actually really cool and actually functions as a whistle, but you'll need a screen to use it as a pipe). Or to make a seed pod (slab work formed around newspaper that burns out, to create an enclosed, hollow piece). This is a great way to get away with it, because you piece has to have several fairly large holes added before firing (anywhere that's enclosed), or it'll blow up in the kiln. You also can't make it super obvious that it's a bong, or a pipe.
  7. Yes, I did.
    I had made lots of things using ceramics like ceramics cups, bowls, and many more. Even my last project at Alfred University related to ceramic is antique ceramics plates.

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