Potted Outdoor Grow Q: Unnoticable Sativa?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by shaolinman, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Greetings All,

    Has anyone had any experience with a plant that will grow well outdoors in large (10 to 15 gallon) pots? I am looking for something that is mostly (80%) sativa (I like the high more than indica based) that I can pass off for flowers or something that does not look like the classic tall gangly 5 to 7 leafed sativa plant. My idea is to keep them in pots and surrond them with some carnations or other small similarly shaped flowers.

    I have heard that some plants grow straight up like a baseball bat - basically one straight bud - and if properly concealed by surroinding foliage - can go unnoticed even whil sitting on ones front porch.

    Any advice appreciated....

  2. well any plant can grow jus one main cola.... u can trim the hell outta ur plant and make it that way... 10 - 15 gallons is a bit large lol..... those kinds of containers will make ur grow obvious..... im thinkin this is your first grow so i would go with an easier strain to grow... perferably hollands hope or northern lights... both are kind of a celebral sativa kind of high... and quality bud..... my advice any pot plant isnt un-noticable if u know what ur looking for... when a plant goes into flowering and has white hairs coming out of it from all sorts of angels.... sounds/looks a lil obvious to me... anyways maybe sum tomatoe plants or such would help drain out commotion.... they both grow sumwhat the same height and that way u have a reason to be outside with your plants... yuou can give the neighboors sum tomatoes and they wont think anythings up? idk jus sum ideas do what u think is best.. peace out sam... or jus try growin sum bagseed first and not waist ur money on seeds jus yet.

  3. correction, hollands hope is a mainly indica variety
  4. yeah i know... and its also very mold resistant... cheap and easy to grow... learn the ropes b4 u go big. peace out sam

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