potsmoking skateboarders.

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  1. Hey gc. the other day a like 15 year old kid told me that all older skaters (me being 19) smoke weed. i mean yah sure i smoke and when i used to be sponsored almost all the other pros i skated with such as gino ianucci they smoked too, but i just thought it was a broad statement to make,

    so,who else skates and smokes?
  2. I smoke and skate, as do most of the skaters I know do. Not all kids that skate blaze though.
  3. I skate and smoke. 90% of all skaters around here smoke, Im not really part of them, I live in SoCal though.
  4. I smoke and skate... I need to get a new board though. I haven't been doing it that much but if I were to get into it hardcore I would pretty much be the only stoner skater that actually is serious about it. We have a lot of straight edge hypocritical mother fuckers around here.
  5. all the skate boarding stoners in my area are like anarchist punk rockers. They get arrested so much cuz they stand out like a sore thumb. These kids have mohawks and dont take showers eww. Like theyd straight up tell you they didnt take showers and youd be able to smell them, id believe it. their names are in the police reports very often
  6. First off, I want footy.

    Secondly, back when I used to skate, I did smoke weed, but I couldnt smoke weed and then go skate. Too much of a buzzkill, plus I get lazy when Im high.
  7. I skate and smoke weed. I'm 17

    Must be 18 to be here - TokinBlue
  8. Ready the Banstick boys......
  9. I skate and smoke. and just about every other skater I know smokes. Except for some of the younger guys. I love smoking and just rollin around at the park. My friend just got fired though, so i cant skate for free anymore.
  10. Haha, wouldn't that blow if that was just a typo? :p
  12. This isn't the greatest place to ask this question, because I guarantee no one here skates and doesn't smoke. But I'm guessing a vast majority of skaters do?
  13. i skate an smoke and most people i know do to
  14. I agree, for a real answer I'd of headed toward a skate boarding forum.

    or some shit like that... wherever you skateboarders talk about skateboarding.

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