PotSmoker4Lyfe not registered?

Discussion in 'General' started by IGotTheCottons, Jul 27, 2002.

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  1. does anyone know why it says PotSmoker4Lyfe isn\'t registered? we were talking through PM and i went to respond and it says he wasn\'t able to get PM\'s... so i tried clicking his name and it said he wasn\'t registered... i\'m confused, lol. if you\'re reading this pot smoker. e-mail me at youngpoet883@yahoo.com so i can reply to your PM, lol

  2. ditto

  3. It is sad that he had to be banned. When ya get told more than ten times to stop doing things, well this is what happens.
  4. ok. i thought that\'s probably what happened... just wasn\'t sure
  5. yes..unfortunately, the tribal councel decided it was time to vote potsmoker off the island...It was a hard decision, but it was a necessary action that needed to be taken.

    the tribe has spoken
  6. I dont mean to be a dick but...
    good choice
  7. like... what was he warned about? sure, he wasn\'t very bright, and kinda contradictive... but i didn\'t really see a cause to boot him. maybe i missed some threads or something... would any of the mods happen to have his e-mail info from when he was registered? he asked me a bunch of questions in his last PM to me, but because he got booted, i haven\'t been able to reply.
  8. I dont know his email info, but I do know he was warned (along with some others) about not getting into so many pissing contests with people. You probably didn\'t see all of these threads/posts because the mods were quick to delete them.

  9. alrighty... well the e-mail question still stands... anyone else out there who can possibly help? lol

  10. I had warned him 4-5 times about carrying on arguments with other members. They were also warned. He pmed me and told me that he was not arguing ewith another member and he told the other member to stop. I guess he didn\'t think that i was still checking the post.

    SJ had some trouble with him as well. Sj got a pm similar to mine I think and knew himself what was going on.

    From then on we started deleting the bad replies and a couple of post.

    I have no clue as to his E-Mail. I only PMed him through the city. All his profile was deleted when he was Banned.
  11. I doubt you\'re going to be able o get his personal info lik an email address off the city. This place is set up pretty tightly so nobody can get personal info on people in a forum which discusses such \"bad\" things...
  12. Youll just have to rely on him seeing your email is this thread.
  13. Yeah, I never saw anything completely out of line myself so I guess you all do clean things up quickly. People have to be REALLY bad for me to find a problem with them so I was surprised to see that PotSmoker got booted.

    I\'m all for free speech and think that if someone posts something bad then the person it\'s aimed at should get a chance to either stand up for themselves or just let it go. But I also understand that you guys like to protect us and that\'s cool too.

    I probably just missed out on some things at some point.

  14. This was not a zero tolerance banning. It has been ongoing for a few weeks. He had chances and more chances as well as some mods standing up for him. But as Nubbin said... the tribe has spoken......
  15. well, i guess it sucks not being able to get his e-mail. i understand all the security stuff... so ok...

    poor potsmoker... he got mowed, lol
  16. I didn\'t realize this was a game. :(

    I really didn\'t pay attention to there being a tribe!

    I didn\'t even realize we were on a freakin\' island!

    Shit, How many votes do I have?

    I can get pretty raunchy at times!

    ....nevermind, I don\'t want to know!

  17. hmmm... good point...

  18. Most of our members will have disagreements and let it go at that. What was going on with Potsmoker was he had a grudge against some people. When they would post a thread or reply to a thread he would start bashing them. A couple of post that I deleted he was Telling the person that he was stupid for asking a question. On another thread he was calling the same person bad names. SJ warned him about his behavior by sending him a PM. SJ also posted on the thread for the BS to stop. I had to respond again after SJ\'s reply because he kept on with his BS. So since he was unwilling to play by the rules he was banned.

    This is a prvate owned site. There are rules to live by. No one will ever be banned with out first being warned. It will be that persons choice to listen or continue.

    I think I speak for all the mods when I say, we are just keeping this site a great place to visit instead of a place where people don\'t post because they will be bashed if they do.

    I hope all will understand and we can continue to be the best MJ site on the net.

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