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  1. I had a seed growing for abut 2 weeks now. Its 5 inches tall and is looking good but the pot im using is tooo small and need to transfer. What would be a good way to transfer and what size pot should i use now. 1 gal, 2 gals ? by the way im growing indoors in a small area so i dont think the plant will get tall..
  2. I'm still new at growing so all the info I give is things I found on this site reading posts.

    First, to transfer the plant, just try to get the plant out with the soil and transfer everything. One suggested way was to carefully run a knife around the edges of the pot and just pop the whole chunk out after.

    As far as how big a pot. 1gal is enough, but the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant.

    That is all I know, if I'm wrong, hopefully someone will correct me ^^
  3. well transplanting went good, I think...im going to wait till tomorow to see more results, but i noticed that the stem is weak and leans over at the top of the plant were the leafs are. whats a good way to strengthen my plant? i heard using a fan will help but how?
  4. yeah get a small computer fan there less then like 15 bucks i think and get one of those big batteries the 6v i think it is with the two coils on top at walgreens i got two for ten bucks and connect black to neg and red to pos, it strenghtens by resistance.
  5. thanks for all the help...Going to take some nice pics with my digi today or tomorow,

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