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Discussion in 'General' started by Biggar, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I think that all the talk about marijuana and acceptance these days are funny.

    Kids walking around streets with there bob shirts on and rasta hats with the mellowed out style. only because you can go up to most of them and they wont know a song by bob marley. (BTW not dis-ing this style, comfy as hell walking around in my slippers n bennie)
    In no way am i trying to disrespect anyone by saying this but seriously smoke all you want but the bragging about your 2 gram bowls of dank are getting old.

    Its kinda like the kids smoking at the school and half of them only smoke when there at the school because its cool to be hooked or craving a drug for some reason....

    If you want to be cool and be accepted by everyone....dont just say you smoke.

    Anyone else feel like venting on this subject?
  2. Damn you, you cannabis hipster.
  3. who gives a flying fuck..

    I don't hang with people like that,sorry..:confused_2:
  4. lol i guess this does make me sound a little hipster eh.... but you get what im saying right.. the people who smoke "all the time" n pick up 6 grams n smoke 10 blunts till they got soooooooooo blazed yo.... right:rolleyes:
  5. Those people are just newbys.

    And I only dealt with that kinda social randomness in HS
  6. i have never met a person who thinks he's cool because he smokes weed......canadians must be cooler than americans
  7. Im canadian and i just think cannabis culture has caught on so fast lately and most of the young people think its cool to be really experienced and to be accepted by their peers for smoking a bunch
  8. I am dissing that style.
  9. I kinda feel you on this bro.

    Honestly, I started smoking weed when I was 12. I knew what it was since I was 7-8 and knew I always wanted to try it ( I remember smelling it for the first time <3)

    Buds have been such a huge part of my life. I see kids that are like 17-18 who never smoked before acting like.....idk...just wrong. Im no hipster, but people are treating the herb wrong.
  10. bang on man....
  11. Idk man, some people want to be known as that stoner who smokes a lot. And it can get annoying if they're trying to hard to be something they aren't.

    However, everybody who has ever smoked weed sorta goes through this awkward phase where they find themselves embracing "cannabis culture" because their personality changes to conform with that of their peers. All the sudden their actions are affecting their behavior and they're confused, so they basically yearn for guidance only they can't really find it so they just observe others and adapt to others' behaviors.

    I don't know if that makes any sense at all but that's how I see it.
  12. They are mostly new to smoking.

    looking back on my highschool days I had pot leaves all over my myspace and shit like that and I facepalm to myself whenever i think about it.

    Smoking weed is just an activity for me now, the same as drinking, or reading a book or going for a walk

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