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  1. Generally, when considering what size pot to use, you're thinking in terms of gallons. I know my plants (approx 2ft tall each) loved the ample size of my 3 gal. pots I used last time.

    However, I was thinking I could maximize the space, and possibly add another plant or two into my flowering space by using square pots this time. When just browsing through websites for availability and pricing of square pots I noticed like some other circular pots, their sizes where given in inches. Actually, I notice most of the time pots are listed in inches.

    Are these inches sizes fairly consistent with their room (cubic feet/gallons/etc) from brand to brand? For example I saw some square pots listed as 7.5 inches for the biggest size square pots that particular company sold. Anyone have a guess on the room inside these 7.5 inch square pots?
  2. My guess is that a 7.5 inch pot is about a gallon because that's about what a round 8 inch pot is. I do not thing that a 7.5 inch pot is any bigger or smaller than a 7.5 inch circular pot. I think they are the same size except that one is square and one is circular. I could be wrong though and even if I am, I can't imagine the difference would be huge.
  3. alot more volume in a cube then a cylinder. Square pots will optimize your space, growbags are most convient for small areas/sog grows.

    Im sure you can figure out how much volume is in each pot, for cylindrical pots take the radius squared * pi * length of pot. This will give you the amount of volume in inches/centimeters. You can then compare how much more volume a certian pot has compared to another pot, to find volume of a cube l*w*h. Also most cylindrical pots will taper at the bottom so your volume will be bit larger then it actually is.

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