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  1. Yesterday I bought incense sticks for the first time, and I have to say that I'm phenomenally impressed with their effectiveness at masking the weed scent when I blaze. I live in a small room at home, so I still worry about stealthily smoking. My mom doesn't mind me smoking, but my step dad doesn't want me to cause he can't (for some medical reason, but he wishes he could to ease his neuropathy), and my grandma would disapprove (and she's got to be the nicest lady in the universe, so I don't want to disappoint her). I've tried other items to mask the scent: spoof, scented candles, febreeze, all that kind of stuff, but incense seems to be most effective.
    What works best for you? If you don't have to worry about getting caught anymore, then what worked best when you did have to worry?

  2. Well Im not the best person to ask about what the best way to cover the smell is because ive never really had to but... If I smell incense, even if I dont smell weed, I'm either in a weed smoker's room or an Indian novelty shop.
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  3. All residents in my house but my grandma know I smoke, but my excuse to my step dad for burning incense is (actually true) that my room is damp smelling cause my window seal is all fucked up so water just pools on my windowsill whenever it rains, which it does often here in Washington
  4. Ahh well. I love incense. But I feel like most people with an affinity for it you can kinda peg them. However if its out in the open and grandma is too innocent otherwise well then just stick with incense. I like orange, opium... Got some handmade vanilla ones.
  5. I use glade scent sprays that do there own and IV used incense when I was I. Student housing blamed many smells on them

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