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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DJM2085, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. What is the difference between a Pothead and a Stoner? I'm not putting ANYONE into a category I just really think that a Pothead is someone who smokes bud when they can and enjoy and love to smoke and get high. A stoner to me is someone who smokes everyday and smokes a lot wherever and whenever. Please post your opinions, #nojudgement #nocategory #justathought #noOffense
  2. One wears pots on their heads and the other hauls stones.
  3. they are both derogatory statements against people who smoke cannabis nothing more
  4. Quote of the week lol
  5. Potheads are people who talk about smoking weed all the time, stoners are people who actually smoke weed all the time. I fall into the second category and I'm proud of it haha :bongin:
  6. Pothead is a derogatory word for someone who smokes cannabis every day intended to mean cannabis addict with insulting connotation. 
    Stoner is less insulting and could actually apply to anyone who uses psychedelic drugs not just cannabis. 
  7. idk i like the word pot. but it doesnt really matter to me tbh. im just someone who happens to smoke a lot of weed
  8. I thought a pothead was a frequent user of cannabis while a stoner was a chronic user of cannabis.
  9. Thanks everyone.
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    growing up in my town the potheads were the lazy dudes who do nothing but smoke weed and play video games usually they ripped people off for a quick $. 
    Stoners were the ones who smoked alot of bud but werent lazy assholes doing nothing didnt brag about smoking, very chill hippie like, nice to everyone, dont smoke to "turn up" 
    -thats just by me atleast 
  11. Let's separate ourselves from our language for a second and just exist.

    No labels just love
  12. We prefer cannabis enthusiasts bro.
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    I think of it like this. Potheads just smoke weed and are casual about it. They're the social smokers and ones who aren't that big on weed. Stoners on the other hand have cannabis as part of their lifestyle. They're the ones who know a lot about it and are a more serious. Stoners smoke for themselves and try not to fall into stereotypes. The people that don't do anything and smoke pot all day are potheads too. Stoners are still good people and still have ambitions. So basically, stoners are good weed smokers, and potheads are more casual or stupid about weed.
  14. i'm a stoner
    wtf is a pothead
  15. honestly didnt know there was such a difference, ya'll are so specific lol..
  16. #16 Old School Smoker, Oct 9, 2014
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    A pot head is somebody that has a dependency on pot. A stoner is somebody that enjoys consuming cannabis recreationally on the weekends.
  17. #17 Infinite Experience, Oct 9, 2014
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    When I hear someone say pothead I usually think they are saying that person is a low life burnout, or something along those lines. When someone says stoner it sounds like they are referring to a certain social reputation or something. I don't know If I'm right, just what I've noticed.
  18. #18 GratefulFred, Oct 10, 2014
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    Potheads are silly, but harmless people.  Stoners are guys in high school.  A Blazer is a cool dude whose got it all together.  Kinda like a Burner.   Space Cowboys are more together than Space Cadets.  Tokers are just havn' a good time, and  Astro Travelers are actually kinda spiritual.
  19. I think everyone just uses judgement instead of love. Sad.
  20. Judgement isn't necessarily a bad thing. It keeps you from having friends you don't share interests with.

    It also can keep you from getting hurt or hanging out with people who will bring you down.

    Love isn't always the best approach and it has a tendency of getting you hurt.

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