Potheads and Religion?

Discussion in 'General' started by StarfuckerInc, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. I was curious what various people who use marijuana think about religion, or if they believe in any.

    Me personally, I do not believe in organized religion. I believe in evolution and science. My theory is if there is a supernatural force out there, we will never be able to comprehend and understand it.
  2. I believe that the earth is our mother.

    1 She has the food we eat
    2 She has the air we breath
    3 She has the water we drink
    4 She gives us everything we need to live

    What do we have that didn't come from mother earth?

    I have had people to tell me spirit. My spirit is here on earth. When i die i'll be buried in the earth. My spirit will still be here some where, or maybe not.

    I guess i'm more sceintific than religious. I always believe in what i can see.
  3. ...show me this god that rains fire and brimstone, this god that whisks away the first born, the god that floods the earth and creates plagues, this god that makes mysterious burning bushes...then i will believe in a conventional god, until then, i give thanks to our creator, that undescribable entity that i feel in my heart

  4. "...that undescribable entity that i feel in my heart"

    That's pretty much how I feel.

    Very well put, Norm!!!
  5. I just thing religion is the Santa Claus effect. Be good and you'll go to paradise, be bad and go to hell. Great for keeping middle-aged peasants afraid. Hell, they didn't believe the same thing in the egyptian and greek days. Where they just fucked when they died?
  6. I pray to Zeus and Apollo
  7. i belive when i die it will be just like before i was born... nothing. Or maybe not who knows. I really don't belive in religion because i belive that religion is a cult and i'm not into the whole cult thing. Well maybe if i ran the cult it would be diffrent.... yes.... oh yes. But till then i pray to the marijuana god for tastey bong hits everyday!
  8. i agree overgrowray, but there is a big difference between conventional religion and pure spirituality
  9. im not religious but a spiritual being , i do whats right , & try not to do whats wrong ,although is human to make mistakes , but if we learn from our mistakes and go on well be better for it in the end , and your realy good if you can learn from others mistakes & not make them your self ya know !!!!! good spirits to ya all
  10. I personally follow the ancient religion of the Mother Goddess. I don't believe in God or Jesus, but then again hold nothing against those who do.
  11. Unorganised Christian/Taoist with a hint of pure fun. Shit the only problem with religion is that people take it too seriously. Shit if there's a god (as I strongly beleive there is in at least SOME form) then why do we assume he has no sense of humour? It's not the religion that starts wars- it's the fucking nutters who take shit too seriously.
  12. i believe in the "wiccan religion" yea know, believing in the mother earth, the spirits and wut not....very intersting religion.
  13. my ex was wiccan...i want to burn her
  14. oo. i love religious posts (if you couldn't already tell, LOL), but for the most part... i like debating.

    lets see. what do i believe? i believe very strongly in Christianity. i personally am an independent, separated, fundamentalist Baptist (which just basically means, i don't follow any man made rules... what it says in the Bible is what i live by).

    i used to be a pagan (what some would call wiccan), and before that i was an atheist. i started researching paganism, and found it very interesting. their ideals seemed believable (that the lady was formed by energy, etc.), and so... i accepted the fact that there might be a god.

    well... i did more research when a friend of mine started bringing me to youthgroup. of course i was against the whole Christianity thing from the start. i hated everything that had to do with it, and came up with every possible question that would disprove it (actually stumped a couple of pastors). i believed in evolution, re-incarnation, and basically everything that was said in a science book. then i started realizing that there were more flaws in science than there was in Christianity.

    i did some reasearch concerning the Bible, the religion, etc. and found this out. the Bible (the KJV at least) doesn't contradict itself a single time, and unless you can show me a legitimate contradiction, don't bother saying it does (because in all honesty, if you haven't seen it - you can't say for sure it does).

    now, here's what got me. if a book that was composed of 66 writings of around 40 different people, over a time span of about 4,000 years, and was written by man, it would have to contradict at least once. so, if it doesn't, that must leave only 1 other option (God). now, if God wrote it, it must be the right religion to follow... just made logical sense to me.

    also, those other religions... if you do believe in the god of another religion, regardless of which, god is perfect (according to all religions). now, since this god is perfect and we're not, we are now separated from god (because of our inperfections). so, something perfect must bridge the gap between god and man, and no other religion teaches of this bridging. when you check the tomb of mohammad, his bones are still there, buddah... still in his grave. same can be said with any other religion that has a person who people worship as being deity... but if you check Jesus' tomb... guess what. His bones are gone. now, explain how this happened considering there were Roman soldiers standing guard over the tomb at all times to make sure someone didn't steal the body, so they could claim thet Jesus rose again.

    just thought i'd post my views on things :)

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