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Discussion in 'General' started by xxkmanxx, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. Whats a good job where pot-heads work? i need a job and a weed hookup. :)
  2. All og my friends that worked in deli's said it was the perfect job. They got free lunch, good pay and could smoke as they pleased on breaks. I duno why-but each of them I know have said that. It can be hard to get it at work, but I'm sure some1 can help ya. Oh yeah, sorry if you were looking for something a bit more professional, it was the forst thing I thought of
  3. roadie......definately a roadie..........

    I used to do the setups and work the mix for a couple of decent bands ,it was great !

    "When I wore a younger man's clothes" :)
  4. what about at a gas station or convenient store, they're both down the street from me. :)
  5. Both would keep you in contact with people. Some people smoke pot..:eek: Could work.

    My best pick , in these times would be something near or in a college campus. Always herb there.......these days.
  6. u got a sam goody near ya? music stores are good pothead jobs.
  7. Depending on what kind of person you are either a book store or a used record shop. Maybe even a hobby shop....or there's always the pipe place but i'm sure thats taken.

    If u can get weed away from work you might consider real estate. In most places it takes 3 weeks to get your sales license and 3 weeks to get your brokers license. Then u get to do half your work at home. If u need quick cash try a medical study. My bro did it and got like 5k for 2 weeks and he got the placebo. The others experienced dry mouth and headaches but that was it.
  8. That was a beautiful post, anothersmoker.
  9. Check out greenhouses. I think I'm still going to be doing greenhouse work all next summer. Last year i was working with some hippy chick. She had hook ups out the ass dude.
  10. umm......thanx
  11. u think u could get some good hookups workin at a gas-station? like customers or employees?

  12. i think im gonna work at a gas station since there's one down the street from me :)
  13. My friend works at IMOs. He says it's easy because not many people eat there so there is always a smoking break. They don't pay much $5.25 an hour.
  14. cool, u guys think a gas station is good for gettin a hookup?
  15. pizza hut no doubt about it
    every one i ever worked at
    you could get it from someone
    and delivery guys make decent cash

    or if you are into pain
    you could try roofing
    how else do you think
    they get up there
  16. A job isn't a very good place to look for hook-ups unfortunately, people might get offended if you ask them if they have the hook-up. You could get a job in a bakery, that would be most choice ;)
  17. i just started at food lion, i gotta quit smokin for about a month i gotta take a piss test, but i think it's worth the $8/hr they are gonna pay me to bag some damn groceries. unless anyone knows a FOR SURE way to pass a piss test i'll have to stop for a while.
  18. shit man theres hella ways....if u know when the test if u can buy a drink that'll clean u out (takes up to a week) or just carry a tube of clear-piss (i forgot the actual brand name but it wasnt much better than that) and pour it into the piss samle that they so desperatly want
  19. Lots of applications say "We drug test" but never do. Ask people who work there if they do.
  20. yah i know for sure that they do piss tests, my friend works there. and i need to get something that i can buy from like GNC or someplace similar to that, can't buy anything off the internet i'm 17 and my parents definently won't buy it for me. :(

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