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Pothead Families

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SkunkZilla, May 31, 2009.

  1. Do you blaze with your family i've only toked with one cousin other than that my families lame. But if we get it legalized i bet i can get a few other family members smoke. Anyways i was wondering if anyone had any cool pothead family stories?:)
  2. My family is pretty lame too, they dont even know I smoke though.

    Shouldnt this be moved to a different section?
  3. sister nd a a bunch of cousins. waiting 4 the day for my mom to start back up
  4. Just about every one of them has toked at some point or another.
  5. i blaze with my cousins, aunts, uncles, and momma..

    guess my family is all dank heads.

    no funny stories tho..

    sorry bro haha
  6. prety much everyone in my family does lol i love fam partys

  7. I 2nd that, I love em too!
  8. I just smoked with my mom and her boyfriend the other day, and I'm smoking with my dad tonight. My brothers don't smoke though.
  9. I have smoked with all my siblings and cousins, dad quit smoking a few years back and he wont. mom thinks pot is evil.

    But I have a friend, who lives in a town of 200 ppl and he smokes a joint on the way to church with his parents every sunday. he says everyone in town blazes.
  10. I smoke with basically everyone on my dad's side of the family, my mom's side are all the strict, drug-free Catholic type. My mom is pretty chill about it because she knows that I'm living my life responsibly, my dad smokes with me on a regular basis.
  11. my older bro, hes the one who introduced me to it, but besides him, no one else theyre all uptight
  12. I first started smoking with my older brother. Then he moved so it's not as often. Now I chief with my mom and her's always a fun time, haha.
  13. lol when I went to the Eagles concert with my parents my dad told me to get back in the car and have a Hoot so I smoked with my mom and dad and started giving my mom shit about taking a tiny hit and coughing non stop. :D:smoking::smoking:
  14. The 2nd time i ever smoked weed was with my dad
    in W. Virginia on a white water rafting trip (we were camping in the woods).
    Not bad actually, old people have some crazy stories! :D
  15. i dont think anyone in my family besides me smokes. witht he exception of my step brother who im fairly sure smokes, but he lives about 3000 mile away so i guess it doesnt matter. I did recently start toking with my friends parents who grow their own which is pretty cool imo.
  16. my cousins were the first people i smoked with :)

    since i've smoked with other cousins and my aunt.
  17. lets see lol. i've smoked with my dad and step-mom like a billion times were pretty much smoke buddies lol. my step-dad quite a few times. my brother also. hmmm i got my sister to eat a brownie lol. (she knew what it was) and one night out of no where my grandma tells me next time i come home all loaded again i better have some to share and i was like "ummmmmm alright..... i made some brownies last night at a friends you want to try one?" and she said yeah lol it was so awkward haha. but still really cool. i offer to smoke her out but she wont do it because she thinks someone will smell it on her. she totally will when it gets legalized though. my brother managed to talk her into smoking a few years ago but she wont do it anymore :( anyone else have awesome grandma stories?
  18. My first family member I smoked with was my mom.
  19. i smoked for the first time with my cousin and her boyfriend [he's like family] and sister.
    now we smoke together on saturdays when everyone's available :]

    i've smoked quite a few times with my uncle, and with other aunts and uncles once in a while.

  20. What town?

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