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potentially stupid question..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dreeeeezy, May 15, 2010.

  1. when smoking from a bong, when the weed burns and turns black, keep smoking or leave it?

    Might be a stupid question, never known the answer.. many thanks compadres. :eek:
  2. i smoke it til i can push my finger into it and its pure ash
  3. no not stupid at all....just blow away the flaky ash and keep smoking the green/slightly burned buds...some ppl just like to go all the way through and smoke everything till theres nothing left but im not that hardcore haha..
  4. no man smoke the bowl till its white but if your using screens be carefull not to burn a hole in it
  5. if its a bong and you dont have a screen in it, then just keep sucking until everything falls through. if you do have a screen in there just smoke until you think its gone and push down on it with your finger or whatever tool your using. if its pure ash just blow it out and reload another bowl.
  6. Smoke it untill you only got ash that you can push down, empty the bowl of ash and repeat.
  7. Like said above, smoke it until it's ash. Then you know it's beat and you won't get more out of it.

  8. when it has that greyish colour to it and if it doesn't hold a cherry(if you light and the flame just passes through) or the cherry is fading quickly then load a new bowl.
  9. No stupid questions my friend.

    And yea like basically everyone has said either smoke it until you get no smoke, it sucks through the slide, or it's all ash.
  10. My question kind of correlates to this one so I might as well ask it in this thread.

    How do you go about 'torching' the weed?
  11. I smoke til the bowl is empty. Plain and simple.
  12. well i usualy smoke till i cant see anymore glowing embers so i would say keep smoking till its pure ash an not a dumb question at all to be completly honest i asked my old dealer this to
  13. Torching is usually refeefered:smoking: to when someone holds the flame to the bowl WAY to long and it just turns the whole bowl into one big cherry. It just wastes weed and you get a huge hit and you'll look dumb as your lungs are coming out of your chest.
    But I think you met cornering?
    That is when you hold the flame to the edge of the bowl and inhale only lighting the corner of the bowl hence the name. It conserves weed and can give more controlled hits.
  14. Yeah okay, I just wanted to make sure. I'm still new to this shit and don't smoke enough to practice 'cornering'. I feel bad now, I think I've torched a couple bowls. Thanks brah.
  15. i corner the bowl and then smoke dat bitch till its ash!:bongin:

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